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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-01-12 11:28:00

Welcome to’s coverage of WWE NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II from Blackpool, England.

Your hosts are Andy Shepherd, William Regal, and Tom Phillips.

Andy asks Regal about being back in Blackpool and being back home.  Regal says his career started here.  The first UK tournament was here and now they are back for Takeover.  

Tom is asked about calling his first NXT UK Takeover.  He says it means a lot to be in Blackpool for the first time.  He talks about the matches on the show.

They run through the card.

We see Piper Niven, Toni Storm, and Kay Lee Ray arriving at the building earlier today.

We have a video package for the NXT UK Women's Title Match.

Regal is asked about using psychological tactics to gain her advantage and will she do it tonight.  Regal says he sees a lot of qualities he used in his career in Kay Lee Ray.  She is in everybody's head and that is something that he can applaud.

Andy brings up Toni challenging Rhea Ripley at World's Collide and whether she is focused.  Tom says that Piper Niven is the only one with a one track mind.  Tom asks if Toni is trying to bite off more than she can chew.  Regal says these three were close friends but one little thing can change everything.  This has become a bad dynamic.

Andy asks Tom if Piper is the only one focused on this match.  Tom brings up the footage from Prime Target and how they talked about not recognizing the people that they have become.

We see Trent Seven and Eddie Dennis arriving earlier today.

Andy asks Regal why has Eddie focused on Trent Seven.  Regal says they have known each other for a while and he is a very cerebral competitor.  Regal says he knows what is going through Eddie's mind.  He wants to make a statement against someone everybody in the UK loves. 

Tom is asked if this is a must win match for Trent.  Tom says that Noam Dar has exposed some things about Trent even through Trent won the match. 

Andy says that some say that Tyler Bate and Jordan Devlin could steal the show and they have a history in this building.  Regal says that both men have changed since that first meeting in NXT UK.  Regal says that loss has to have gotten to Jordan.  They are not at the peak of their careers and he says that this match is what he is looking forward to seeing.

We see what happened when Jordan Devlin tried to surprise Tyler Bate after his match against Noam Dar.  Tom mentions the mind games that Jordan has gone through.  Andy asks Regal if they have overlooked Jordan Devlin in NXT UK.  Regal says Devlin has been given opportunities, but Jordan feels that he needs bigger opportunities.  He cannot complain after tonight and he has to prove himself tonight.

We take a look at the NXT UK Tag Title Match with a video package.

Regal is asked if a match with this much brutality is needed.  Regal mentions he was only in one WWE ladder match and he says it is a career shortening match.  One of the people in the match lost his face.  He says he is not the same.  Regal says he understands Johnny Saint's point.  You have to end it and this is how you do it.

Andy asks Tom who is the favorite in the match.  Tom says that taking the big risks might help Andrews and Webster.  You have the issues between Galluls and Imperium.  He suggests that Gibson and Drake may take advantage of the situation.

We go to commercial.

Andy and Regal talk about the feeling of being in Blackpool.  William says this building is the greatest atmosphere in the world.  

We see Imperium arriving at the building earlier today.  

We have a video feature for the WWE UK Title match.

Andy asks Regal about this match and how it was a year in the making.  Regal talks about how Joe was taken out of the top of his game and his whole existence is about beating WALTER.  Regal is going to look forward to the two of them smashing the hell out of each other.  Tom is asked if the pressure is really on Joe or not.  Tom asks if WALTER is focused because of World's Collide.  Joe is a different challenge than Tyler Bate.  Joe will bring a more physical fight today.  Andy mentions that WALTER has not faced someone like Joe before.  Regal agrees that they will match each other blow for blow and strike for strike.  Regal says this is a perfect match featuring two pros and they will fight until the last man cannot move.  Tom says WALTER has looked human when Joe has gotten his hands on him.  There is something that bothers the champion and we have not seen that since.  Regal says that he does not believe Joe will leave that ring until every drop of energy has been used.

Andy asks if the winner of the match will prove who is dominant in NXT UK.  Tom says that you also have to look at the tag title match.  

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