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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-01-11 22:57:00

Alicia Atout is at the back entrance and she advises us that Brian Pillman was going to a VIP Meet and Greet and he was attacked by Injustice. Brazil slams Pillman’s arm into a machine. Injustice says that they are getting what is theirs.

Alicia says that Brian might have suffered a separated shoulder and they are going to check into whether he is going to be cleared to wrestle.

We are in New York City and your announcers are AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini.

We take a look at what Tom Lawlor did last week to Rip Von Erich and the challenge made to Ross and Marshall Von Erich.

Tom Lawlor joins AJ and Rich on commentary.

We see Tom Lawlor offering Doane and Mondo spots in the Team Filthy Dojo because they are exactly what he needs.

Ross and Marshall says that they do their talking in the ring.

Match Number One: Ross Von Erich and Marshall Von Erich versus Ken Doane and Mike Mondo in a Non Title Match

Ross and Marshall attack Ken and Mike before the bell. Marshall and Ross with a double drop kick to Ken. Mike trips Marshall and Ken with a drop kick to the leg. Mike tags in and he kicks Marshall in the knee. Mike with more kicks to the leg and he hyper-extends the leg. Mike gets a near fall. Ken tags in and he connects with a forearm to the back of the leg.

Ken with an elbow to the back of the head. Ken with a chop to the leg. Ken goes for a figure four leg lock but Marshall kicks him away. Mike and Ross tag in and Ross with punches and drop kicks. Ross with a rana to Ken and a running boot to Mike. Marshall tags in and he applies the claw and Ross with a belly-to-back suplex while Marshall hits a claw slam for the three count.

Winners: Ross Von Erich and Marshall Von Erich

After the match, Rip Von Erich attacks Marshall and Ross but he is stopped. Ross and Marshall also take care of Mondo and Doane again.

We have an update on Brian Pillman Jr.’s condition after the brutal attack on him earlier today.

Rich says Brian is being checked out by MLW medical officials and there is no futher update.

Alicia Atout is with Ross and Marshall Von Erich in the back but Tom Lawlor attacks them before they can say anything.

We go to commercial.

We go to Injustice where they mock the situation surrounding the attack on Brian Pillman Jr. Myron says that is how they feel about the rules. Jordan says they try to get us with some bulls*** charges. You will not get any of us on bulls*** charges. Kotto says Brian is out so that means that as the alternates, they deserve their shot.

We go to a video package for Jimmy Havoc and Mance Warner about their barbed wire match.

We go to the Fightland Control Center for February 1st in Philadelphia.

Killer Kross will be in Philadelphia to make his MLW debut. LA Park will return to MLW in Philadelphia. Jacob Fatu will defend the MLW World Championship against Cima.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alicia Atout talks about how Brian Pillman might not be able to wrestle tonight.

Brian Pillman exits the office with ice on his shoulder and his arm in a sling. Brian Pillman is asked if he is cleared. He says Injustice values their spot in the tournament but they are alternates. He will deal with them after the Opera Cup is done. Tonight, he will kick Timothy Thatcher’s ass with a separated shoulder.

Josef Samael says violence is the only universal language in the world. Their soldiers continue to train for the upcoming war. Contra is strong. Jacob Fatu says they want their gold and they will burn Davey Boy Smith’s legacy to the ground.

Konnan makes his way to the ring.

Konnan says there is something very evident about MLW. He says next year, MLW and AAA will be doing business together next year. Konnan says he thinks he has found the next big thing and his name is Gino Medina.

Gino Medina makes his way to the ring.

Konnan says a lot of people don’t know about their past. Konnan says he saw Gino growing up in the dressing rooms in Mexico. His father was part of a group that included him, Art Barr, and Eddie Guerrero. Konnan says they ran through the competition and broke the rules. Konnan says Gino reminds him of them.

Gino says his dad told him a lot about Konnan and what they did. Gino says he knows what Konnan is doing. He is trying to use him.

Konnan says he is out here to help Gino and keep him away from people like Salina de la Renta. Konnan says he doesn’t know what is going down or who is going down, but . . .

Salina de la Renta makes her way to the ring.

Salnia says they are talking about her sex life because Konnan does not have one.

Konnan says there are levels to this game and he is the penthouse while she is the underground garage. Konnan reminds Gino of what he told him about Salina and what she did.

The Dynasty make their way to the ring.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman tells Gino to listen to him. There is a reason why he is the only person on the roster with not just one contract, but two elite major contracts. There is a reason why everyone in The Dynasty is a top guy. If you want to be like MJF and the Dynasty, you know the right move.

Holliday tells Gino there is only one thing that he needs to understand. When the Dynasty is in the building, you are all breathing rareified air.

Hammerstone says the decision is clear and simple. Do you go with the senile, washed up has-been who could take all of the growth hormones in the world and not look like Hammerstone, or you can go with a girl who never made a real champion in MLW. You can go with the Dynasty.

Gino looks around and he shakes hands with Konnan, but then he kicks him and then The Dynasty join in the attack. Gino joins forces with the Dynasty and puts his fist into the mix.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Brian Pillman Jr. versus Timothy Thatcher in an Opera Cup Semifinal Match

Pillman with a drop kick as the bell rings and then he connects with clotheslines in the corner. Pillman with kicks and a chop. Pillman is stopped by Thatcher and Pillman with chops and forearms. Pillman with a shoulder in the corner but Thatcher with a double underhook but Pillman escapes and kicks Thatcher. Pillman is sent shoulder first into the mat.

Thatcher with a knee to the back and he connects with a European uppercut to the back. Thatcher with boots to the arm and an elbow drop to the arm. Thatcher with a double wrist lock and he puts his knee against the head. Thatcher with slaps to Pillman and then he goes for a cross arm breaker and Pillman rolls through and gets a near fall. Thatcher goes to the leg and Pillman kicks Thatcher. Thatcher with a single leg crab.

Thatcher with a bow and arrow. Thatcher returns to the wrist lock and applies a top wrist lock and adds a chin lock. Thatcher with forearms to the back and he takes Pillman to the mat with an arm bar. Thatcher with an arm bar submission. Thatcher with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Pillman with a cross body for a near fall. Pillman with a thrust kick and a second one. Pillman with chops.

Thatcher misses with a slap and Pillman with a running forearm. Pillman with forearms. Pillman with a power slam for a near fall. Pillman goes for a straitjacket move but Thatcher backs Pillman into the corner. Pillman with kicks and he goes to the turnbuckles and hits a cross boyd but Thatcher rolls through and gets a near fall. Thatcher with a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Thatcher with a sleeper. Pillman with a belly-to-back suplex to escape. Thatcher goes for the Fujiwara arm bar but Pillman with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr. (Advances to face Davey Boy Smith Jr. in Finals)

We go to credits.

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