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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-11 23:35:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of MLW Zero Hour from Dallas, Texas!

Logan Creed vs. Moonshine Mantel

Mantel is a local.  He showed some fire early but was taken down with a running shoulderblock.   Creed worked him over in the corner. He drilled Mantel hard with a big overhead chop.  Logan beat him and sent Mantel down to the mat. 

Creed came behind and went for a full nelson but Mantel drove him backwards into the corner.  He began to mount some offense but was caught with an over the knee backbreaker. Creed nailed a running knee that knocked him off the apron to the floor.

Creed hit a pretty impressive dive to the outside on Mantel.  He spiked him with a powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winner, Logan Creed!

A good squash match.  Creed looked like a monster and Mantel got some nice hope spots in.

They brought AJ Kirsch to the ring.  He said that something tells him we are in Von Erich country tonight.  BIG pop.  He did a countdown for the TV Taping.  They opened the TV show.  MLW Champion Jacob Fatu and CONTRA-Unit came to the ring.  They said Dallas was the place of false idols. Josef said this is where Camelot fell and it will fall tonight.  He said that the Hart Foundation is going to be decimated and destroyed tonight. CONTRA’s black flag will fly and they will decimate the bodies.  Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. hit the ring and brawled with CONTRA, running them from the ring.

MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed vs. Drago

Injustice knocked cowboys before the match.  

Drago got a nice reaction coming out.

Reed ducked a punch early and played to the crowd, only to be caught with a knee to the chest.  It was all Drago early on. Drago was distracted, allowing Reed to nail an enziguiri. Reed controlled Drago and scored several two counts.  He played to the crowd, saying this was his house. The crowd tried to rally Drago with their applause

Reed nailed a slingshot legdrop on Drago.  He went for a dive, but Dragon pulled down the ropes and the other members of Injustice caught Reed.  Drago hit a dive on all of them. The crowd popped and chanted for Drago.

Drago followed up with a pair of powerbombs in the ring for a two count.  Injustice tried to interfere and were rudely sent to the floor. Reed missed a clothesline and was sent into the ring.  He kicked off Drago but was caught on the top. The referee was distracted, allowing Injustice to interfere.

Drago was knocked off the top and Reed covered him.  Time stood still for a second and then Dragon was pinned.

Your winner and still MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed!

Entertaining.  Drago got big reactions for his moves.  Injustice has really morphed in a good, annoying heel act.

Marshall Von Erich vs. MJF.

MJF said he wanted to explain something to all the inbred Texas scum.  There’s a reason the Von Erichs couldn’t hack it in pro wrestling. They are all huge losers like the fans.  He said that tonight, another Von Erich goes six feet under. OUCH. That was stiff.

Big reaction for Marshall.

The referee threw the other members of The Dynasty out of ringside.

They locked up and ended up outside the ring in the clinch and went around ringside and then back into the ring again.  Marshall nailed a series of armdrags and went for a kick but MJF retreated to the floor. Marshall recovered, where MJF attacked him and used the metal connecting the ringpost to the turnbuckle as a weapon, shoving Marshall’s fingers inside and yanking his arm.  MJF continued the torture, using the ringside barrier, wrapping Marshall’s arm around it.

Back in the ring, Marshall fought back but was snapped to the mat when MJF used his hair and covered him for a two count.   MJF nailed a kneedrop but was trapped in a bear hug. They went into a test of strength with the crowd strongly behind Von Erich.

Marshall made a comeback with a dropkick and a series of clotheslines and kicks in the corner.  The crowd became unglued for all of this. MJF snapped his shoulder into the corner and took him down with an armbar.

MJF made the Iron Claw, then flipped off the crowd.  He got kicked in the face and hit with a moonsault for a two count.  Marshall went for the Claw but the Dynasty ran out. He knocked them off the apron but was rolled up for a two count.  MJF argued with the referee, allowing Marshall to lock on the claw. MJF tapped.

Your winner by submission, Marshall Von Erich!

This was the right match for the right crowd.  MJF played a masterful heel and the crowd willing Von Erich into being a big babyface.  A very basic good vs. evil bout designed to pop the crowds for the comeback.

Tom Lawlor came out.  He said it’s great to be back among family in Von Erich Country.  Fans were screaming for him to take off his Von Erich shirt. He said the shirt represents the discount store Von Erichs, Marshall and Ross, not the Von Erichs we remember back in the day.  He wiped his rear with the shirt and tossed it in the crowd. A fan tried to toss it back but it didn’t make it. Lawlor said that just like their heroes, the Von Erichs, they failed.

Lawlor said it was time to get back to his real family.  He introduced Dominic Garrini as a real man and his new associate.  He said they are here to show you some real fighters, not some flip flip Botchamania lucha libre.

Zenshi vs. Dominic Garrini

Garrini controlled Zenshi on the mat early on.  Zenshi springboarded off the ropes to perform a lucha takedown but was caught in an anklelock.  He small packaged Garrinni but could only score a two count. There were several near falls and they faced off.

Zenshi gained control and scored several two count, including one after a big back splash.   Garrini worked over Zenshi, manhandling him. Some of it was not pretty. Zenshi used a head scissors takedown to drag him over the top to the floor.  He went to the top for a flipping move but was caught and stomped to the mat.

They played up that Zenshi’s shoulder was hurt but still wanted to fight.  Garrini took him down and forced him to tap out with an armbar.

Your winner, Dominic Garrini

Alicia Atout asked whether they took it too far.  Lawlor said this is a battle for life and death but they left him alive.  From here on out, Team Filthy shows no mercy.

They announced a 5/2 return to Dallas.

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