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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-12 10:00:00

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How rare is it for RAW, SmackDown and the WWE PPVs to not have a women's match these days as opposed to the Divas Era where it was pretty common?

I think at this point it’s pretty much nonexistent.

What are the chances that this Monday night, in the six man tag fist fight, Big Show turns on Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens and joins up with Seth Rollins and AOP?

It wouldn’t shock me but it also wouldn’t make much sense to me either.  At this point, Big Show is a part timer who has other irons in the fire.  At 47 years old, I really don’t see the point in putting him with Rollins.  I like that they brought him back at Rumble time, but I don’t see him coming back just to turn a week later.

With Brock entering the Rumble at number one, would you say it’s a safe bet that Cain Velasquez enters at number two and they both eliminate each other in the beginning to set up a Wrestlemania rematch?

It’s safe to say it.  You won’t get beaten up or arrested.  But it isn’t going to happen.

Is the Rusev, Lana, Bobby Lashley love triangle getting too much flack?  Yes I know it’s stupid, but both Rusev and Lana‘s delivery of what they’re given is top notch and you can tell they’re having a ball with it.  Plus the live crowd is giving Lana proper boos and every time Rusev does something to get one on Lana and Lashley, they crowd does pop hard.  I remember John Cena giving an interview where he said sometimes you’ve got to turn s*** into gold or art... and I think that’s what Rusev and Lana are doing.

Pro wrestling is a lot of things, and the wedding angle is one of the things that falls under the umbrella.  A lot of hardcore fans hate it, for sure, but a lot of other people enjoy it.  That’s how I look at it.  Is it what I like?  No, but that’s OK, I appreciate that other people do enjoy it.  They are doing a good job and exactly what Vince McMahon wants them to do.

What are your first impressions of Drew McIntyre‘s face turn?  I personally think between the match and the promo, he got the crowd to care about him.

A few people asked me that.  I didn’t see it as a face turn!  He beat up No Way Jose’s posse and people loved it.  He then said no one gave him a break so he is making his own, and the people liked it.  I would love to see him as a kick ass babyface.  I guess we will see tomorrow if that is what they are doing.

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