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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson and Richard Trionfo on 2020-01-11 07:23:00

NXT UK presents its Takeover Blackpool II network special on Sunday.  Here is our take one what we see happening on the show.

If you aren't up to date on what is going on in the promotion you can catch up by watching the Preview video for the show below:

WWE UK Champion WALTER vs. Joe Coffey

Dave: I was asked in the Q and A which match I was looking forward to the most and this is it.  Coffey is underrated by some but he can really go.  WALTER is fantastic.  This should be great.  Definitely watch the preview video if you aren't up to speed on these two.  It should be a war and I see WALTER retaining, but anything could happen.  Again, watch the special.  It's awesome.

Mike: Whoever put the Hard Target special together is a genius, because I went from "meh" on this main event to really looking forward to it.  That said, I don't think we'll be seeing a title change unless some NXT stars show up and interfere.  If that doesn't happen, I suspect this will be designed to get Coffey to the next level by fighting the good fight and going down swinging.

Richard:  When this match was announced, I was wondering who could have been put into this match against  WALTER.  If you want to be hooked into this match, watch the Prime Target special for Takeover.  This is a year long journey for Joe Coffey to prove that he was done wrong by WALTER and NXT UK when WALTER made his debut after Joe lost to Pete Dunne and then was kicked off the apron by WALTER when he tried to stand up to both men.  They have done a good job of showing Joe trying to do everything possible to get the advantage over WALTER by mixing up his training.  Meanwhile, you have WALTER who is here to maintain the integrity of professional wrestling.  The contrast in styles should enhance the story of the match.  I think WALTER retains (see the tag title match for my reasoning).

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson) vs. Imperium (Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel) in a Ladder Match

Dave:  I like all four of these teams, and they are really really diffferent.  A lot of the time in these multi matches the champ(s) finds a way to win.  Gallus took a loss this week on NXT TV.  Is that a precursor?  It would seem like Andrews and Webster would be the ones that would benefit the most from the ladders but something just tells me that another set of former champs get back their god and some how the Grizzled Young Veterans get their belts back.

Mike:  This has its work ahead of it in trying to surpass the level set by the ladder match at the Takeover: XXV event last year.  The good news is that all of these teams are great.  My guess is Imperium will get the win to balance the scales against Undisputed Era at Worlds Collide.

Richard: I was not a big fan of doing the four way match and to add the ladder stipulation, around the time of TLC seemed like too much.  You have the four NXT UK representatives in the Dusty Tag Team Classic involved in this match.  With two of the teams having wrestled on Wednesday at NXT and then having to travel back to the UK gives Imperium and Gallus a disadvantage.  The Gallus loss on Wednesday also gives them an excuse if they lose the titles on Sunday.  The Imperium victory gives them some momentum going into Sunday.  I like that three of the four teams are pissed that this is a ladder match.  The one team that is happy for the ladder match stipulation is the team that should benefit the most from the stipulation and that is Webster and Andrews.  This match also has the NXT Tag Title Ladder Match to live up to so there may be a high bar for some fans.  This should be a good match and I think we will see new champions crowned to make WWE try to find the Santo Gold commercials that used to air in the 80s since as many as 7 men at World's Collide will be wearing gold.  Imperium wins the match.

NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm vs. Piper Niven

Dave: If this were a one on one match, maybe I could see a Title change but I think Ray will find a way to use Niven and Storm against each other and walk out with her Title.

Mike: Kay Lee Ray has been a real solid champion.  I feel like Storm coming to World Collide was teased so strongly on NXT TV that they will go the other way and have Ray retain, then defend her title at Worlds Collide against a NXT star.  My guess is Niven will be taking the loss here.

Richard:  I like that there are three different stories going into this match.  You have the champion who doesn't care about anyone because she is the champion and she does not mind seeing Toni and Piper destroy each other to make it easier for her to defend the title.  Toni Storm is desperate to get the title back and will do anything to win it back because without the title, her life is nothing (see Ciampa, Tommaso).  Piper Niven is the person who is happy for the opportunity and will not lose sight of what she has in front of her on Sunday and she wants to know why these two great friends of hers are acting so differently now compared to when they were starting out.   I don't know if it is time to do a title change, but if they do, I think it has to be Piper, not Toni.  Kay Lee Ray is a strong heel, but I don't know if her title reign has been a success so far.  Give her that strong victory on Sunday and then see how she progresses from this victory.

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

Dave: These two are great.  Bate is a made man.  Devlin could really ascend with a victory here.  That is the way that they should go.

Mike: This should be awesome, but my gut is Devlin will cheat to get the win.

Richard: This is my pick for match of the night.  Tyler is the first NXT UK Champion and Jordan is the man who is always pushed aside or forgotten when challengers for the UK Title are suggested.  Bate is at a point where he can lose this match and it will not affect him negatively in any way.  Devlin will be able to withstand Bate's offense and then get the victory.  They can use a Devlin victory to set up something for him at World's Collide.  

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

Dave: I think Dennis has to continue his road to redemption with a victory over Seven here.  Trent is kind of the Tommy Dreamer of NXT UK so losses don't really hurt him.  Dennis goes over here.

Mike: I'd like to see Trent get the shine as he could really use some wins.

Richard:  While the feud between Dennis and Seven has been set up well, is this a match that should be on a Takeover?  Both men are seeking redemption in some form.  Eddie is coming back from a serious injury while Seven has been in a bit of a rut and falling far behind the success of the other members of British Strong Style.  This should get about 10 minutes and in the end, Eddie Dennis will have his hand raised in victory.  Let's see what is next for Dennis.

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