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By Dave Scherer on 2020-01-05 09:34:00

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Baron Corbin has his fair share of critics, and although I don't think he should be in a main event position or headline a PPV, should we be giving him more credit for doing a good job at being the annoying heel that he is scripted to be, and generating the amount of heat that he regularly does?

I give him a lot of credit.  He is doing exactly what the company asks of him and is getting a good push because of it.  The hardcore fans that go after him tend to look at the business from their perspective only when the view that really matters is that of Vince McMahon.

The owner of a wrestling organization is getting into the football business and you have an owner of a football organization who is now in the wrestling business.  In your opinion, who taps out first, Vinnie or Tony?

Hmm, good question.  I think that AEW will be around longer than the XFL due to simple dollars and cents.  It will take far more money to keep the football league going than it will to keep the wrestling promotion alive.

I know you have said that Vince McMahon has always felt more comfortable doing the PG stuff and only changed his booking style when the NWO storyline forced him to get a little more extreme. When he was doing the Attitude era, he seemed a little too comfortable taking part in over-the-top storylines (I.e. genetic jackhammer, Katie Vick, Mae Young giving birth to a hand, etc.). Is Vince McMahon’s problem that he can’t be more nuanced with his writing and doesn’t trust the audience to stay invested unless it’s one extreme or the other? When he decides to get edgier, we get Rusev and Lana’s whacked out drama or Mandy Rose trying to seduce an Uso. I watch a lot of TV that has edgier storylines that still satisfy the advertisers. What keeps Vince McMahon from being more like those shows?

I don’t think I would say it’s his problem since his way of doing things has made him a billionaire.  What I would call it is his style, and yes over-the-top is definitely the way Vince likes to do things, no doubt.

The AEW announcers periodically use the name Rhodes when referring to both Cody and Dustin.  Whether it's inadvertent or not, how are they able to use the Rhodes name on AEW TV without any repercussions if WWE owns the rights to the name?

By putting Cody’s name before Dustin or Brandi’s.  They are saying Cody……..AND Brandi Rhodes, not Cody Rhodes.  It’s a slick way of doing it.

If WWE goes forward with a LGBTQ angle involving Lana and Liv Morgan, should it not have been Sonya Deville to be the one involved in the company's first big female LGBTQ angle since it was her who has been pushing for such a storyline?

Interesting question but honestly?  I don’t think that had to be the case.  I think that what happens on WWE TV is fiction, so we don’t need to have the people playing the roles to actually be that person in real life.

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