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By Mike Johnson on 2020-01-04 10:00:00

Regarding the recent questions on why WWE switched the U.S. Championship at a house show, should this become an occasional occurrence?  I grew up watching Bill Watts’ Mid South Wrestling and UWF, promotions that predated pay per view shows and/or nationwide exposure.  In those days, it was fairly common at TV tapings to have Watts announce “This past Wednesday, in Baton Rouge, LA, wrestler ‘X’ won the North American Heavyweight Championship.”  To me, this encouraged show attendance, as anything was possible.  Granted, between weekly nationwide shows and monthly special events, the landscape is vastly different, but would the occasional title change or dramatic/unexpected storyline twist boost house show attendance?

I don't think you should switch titles weekly, but yes, I do think it should be a regular occurence to get over the title that anything can happen anywhere.  Anything that can makes fans believe a match or an event is important may lead to them wanting to buy tickets.

What did the P.S. in Michael "P.S." Hayes stand for?

Purely Sexy..

I saw CM Punk posted a photo on Instagram of a lineup for Wrestlemania 30 that featured himself vs. Triple H scheduled.  Was that correct?

Yes, we reported the matches that were featured in that photo at the time.  Once Punk walked out, the entire card was thrown out for the most part.

Who own's Taz's 'Survive if I Let You' entrance theme?  WWE used it liberally enough once they bought my ears got upset noticing it was changed on one night stand 2006 to the their fake version of War Machine! And I'm certain I've heard it on the network before.

That would be WWE.  They acquired the song as part of the settlement of a lawsuit the composer, Harry Slash, had with WWE over using his original ECW themes.  WWE nows owns that content outright.

 Do WWE and the NWA share the rights for classic NWA footage from the 1980s, especially during the Jim Crockett era? I wondered if Billy Corgan is able to utilize important historical footage for Powerrr that also happens to be residing on the WWE Network.

No.  WWE owns all that content.  The NWA has the rights to the old Houston library, nothing more.

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