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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-01-03 14:41:00

We are in Hartford, Connecticut and your announcers are Mickie James and Byron Saxton.

Match Number One: Chelsea Green versus Sarah Logan

Green with a wrist lock into a side head lock and Logan escapes. Logan with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Green with a forearm and Logan picks up Green. Green goes for a cross body and Logan catches her and sends Green through the ropes and off the apron to the floor. Logan kicks Green off the apron a few times. Green with a knee to Logan from the apron and Logan with a head butt followed by a baseball slide that sends Green to the floor.

Logan sends Green into the ringside barrier. Logan with forearms to Green but Green sends Logan face first into the apron. Green goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Green with a forearm to the back and a camel clutch. Green sends Logan face first into the mat. Green with a drop kick. Logan with punches and Green with a forearm to the back. Green with an Irish whip and Logan goes head first into the turnbuckles. Green with a curb stomp into the turnbuckles for a near fall. Green gets another near fall. Logan with forearms and a running knee to Green. Logan with a wrist clutch German suplex for a near fall. Logan with a running double knee strike that sends Green into the turnbuckles and Logan gets a near fall. Green holds on to the ropes to try to stop Logan’s attack. Green sends Logan into the turnbuckles and hits an Unprettier for the three count.

Winner: Chelsea Green

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the Triple Threat Match from Smackdown to determine the Number One Contender for the WWE Championship.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what has happened recently with Seth Rollins, the AOP, and everyone else who wants to destroy Seth Rollins.

We go to commercial.

Mojo Rawley wishes everyone a Happy New Year. He says it is the biggest party day of the year so of course No Way Jose is here. He parties like every day is New Year’s. Maybe that is why he is embarassing himself out here every week. Mojo says he is not out here to tell you the old adage ‘New Year . . . New Me in 2020’. Mojo says the pepole of Hartford don’t know what adage means and they don’t know how to spell it.

He says he is not here to talk the talk, he is here to walk the walk. Mojo says he will do it by embarassing this clown because that is how Mojo rolls.

Match Number Two: Mojo Rawley versus No Way Jose

Jose with punches as the bell rings and then Jose punches Mojo from the turnbuckles. Mojo tries to send Jose into the turnbuckles but Jose blocks it and he sends Mojo into the turnbuckles a few times. Mojo with a knee and shoulder tackle. Jose with an arm drag and drop kick.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jose with punches but Mojo hot shots Jose and hits a flapjack. Mojo with punches to Jose. Mojo with a shoulder in the corner followed by a gutwrench suplex for a near fall. Mojo with a waist lock. Jose with a back elbow and forearm. Jose with a rolling elbow. Jose with a splash into the corner and a hip toss neck breaker. Mojo goes to the floor and Jose with a pescado.

Jose goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall. Mojo with a running shoulder tackle but he misses the running forearm. Jose with a rollup for a near fall. Jose with a lungblower for a near fall. Jose goes up top and Mojo stops him. Mojo with the running forearm for the three count.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the Wedding from Raw.

We go to credits.

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