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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-30 10:00:00

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I noticed on SmackDown that the female talents are getting plenty of TV time, not just Bayley, Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans but Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville and Dana Brooke as well. Is it because of Bruce Prichard?

No, it's because the company has seen women as equal to me for a long time now.  It’s nothing new.

If Impact wrestling was on Paramount or MTV on Tuesdays do you think they would be getting the same viewership as Wednesday night shows?  Last viewership on POP was 100K.

I think that would be a stretch, for a few reasons.  One, USA and TNT are mega cable networks.  Paramount is not.  Secondly, as you mentioned, viewership had slid down on Pop before they left.  I don’t think it would immediately jump back up.  AXS doesn’t subscribe to Nielsen so we don’t know what numbers they are doing now, but they are in a good place since the network is owned by their parent company so Impact is part of Anthem’s synergy.

Besides The Elite departing to open AEW, was G1 Supercard where things started going downhill for ROH?

That's of like saying other than the speeding tractor trailer hitting your parked car and destroying it, why does it look so bad?  The Elite leaving when they did hurt the company a lot.  And unlike in the past when they had a mass exodus, now they have to compete with AEW, NXT, MLW and others for talent.  It has made it a lot harder for ROH to restock the roster since there are so many other companies going after the talent.  MSG was the high point of the year for ROH, no doubt, but after that?  They lost The Elite before the Garden and after the G1 Supercard, largely stopped working with New Japan.  That was a lot to lose.

What is the status of NJPW on AXS? Will they broadcast Wrestle Kingdom?

As of now, they are done working together.  New Japan has said that Wrestle Kingdom will not air so at this point New Japan World is the place to go to see the product.

How choreographed is NXT TV compared to RAW and SD? As in, do they work out the entire match, or is Hunter letting the kids actually call it in the ring, minus the finish?

In this day and age, the companies need to know what to expect to present it on TV. They also have to fit within time constraints.  They go over the main aspects of the matches before they go live.

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