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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-29 10:00:00

I was wondering if there was any sort of update on Tammy Sytch?  Is she still incarcerated?

As of this writing, she is still incarcerated in Pennsylvania.  There was a hearing several months ago, but we haven't confirmed details of what happened beyond that she is still jailed.  There was a ruling revoking her parole this past August, but we have been unable to ascertain how long she would remain jailed.  In October, her attorney removed himself from her case and a new attorney began representing Sytch.  Beyond that, there has been no additional updates.  When there is one, we'll report it.

Why would AXS TV drop New Japan?

That's a great question.  The reality is that Impact Wrestling is going to be the priority for the cable network going forward since its now owned by AXS TV.    Everyone who was involved in making the New Japan deal and consistently producing and keeping it going was out the door after the AXS TV acquisition.  Impact, not NJPW was the priority of the new regime and honestly, it was just a matter of time.  My gut feeling is that if New Japan was doing monster ratings, AXS would have pursued it for a new deal, but with the contract expiring, it was obvious the two sides were going to go separate ways.  It sucks for fans, but if they really do want to watch the content, they can order on FITE.TV or New Japan World.

Did WWE do the title switch because Rey  Mysterio is injured?


Thanks for the great work! I am just planning my annual Wrestlemania trip to the States. Do you know where the NXT Taping in April 1 will be? Will it be At Full Sail?

All signs are it will be at Full Sail, but that is not 100%.  My feeling is that if the taping was going to be in Tampa itself, WWE would have included it in their travel packages for the weekend.

I see Braun Strowman is doing a wrestling convention in NYC.  How did that happen?

The vendor bringing Strowman in made a deal with WWE for the appearance.




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