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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-26 10:22:00

Why did you say Edge is returning?

Although it's been claimed that I reported that I never actually did. As anyone with reading comprehension could tell you, I was asked whether I thought he was returning to the ring and I said that I do believe he is. I then explained why I believe he is and I said we will see if it happens. Unfortunately they're often people who take things out of context and share them, sometimes on other websites, sometimes in social media and the cause of that the internet turns into a silly game of telephone were things that were never actually said are misrepresented. This would be one of those times.  My opinion is not fact.

I saw the new Star Wars movie and since you are the Star Wars Aficionado, am I crazy or did the horned alien in the beginning of the film sound like John Cena? Does he have an uncredited role in the new film?

John is not in the new Star Wars film in any way shape or form. The character you are referring to was actually voiced by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

Where did Jeff Jarrett go? He returns to WWE and then we haven't seen him since!

Jarrett is working behind the scenes for the company on the creative team in an executive role. He is not currently wrestling but that doesn't mean he won't pop up down the line.

On that thought process... Where is Don West?

Don is pretty much out of the professional wrestling industry and lives in Washington state where he has a radio show. He does do projects for Conrad Thompson and Starrcast from time to time.

Why would WWE do a video preview of the Madison Square Garden show this week when the show is not airing anywhere and it's only a live event? It seems silly to get me excited for a cage match I'll Never See!

I totally understand from your Vantage Point why you would feel that way. However, Madison Square Garden will probably house the largest live event gate for the company this year due to the timing of the holiday season and the fact that they haven't been in the Garden in many months. WWE treats to the garden a little more than just another live event, as I feel they should do to the long history and The Prestige of the building. It's also possible, although we have not heard this, that they are going to put highlights of the Show online or on the WWE Network there for this is their way of beginning to Prime the audience for that. I don't believe that's the case but you never know. Either way I'll be there tonight and we'll have live coverage in some fashion! 



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