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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-23 10:00:00

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I saw The Young Bucks quit Twitter.  Do you think its hypocritical of them to abandon the same social media forum that helped launch them?

I see this was sent to Mike Johnson as well, and I have a different answer.  I don’t think it’s hypocritical really, unless they pledged their undying love to social media, which I never saw, and have suddenly turned their back on it.  But I do think it’s short-sighted on their part and makes them appear thin-skinned.  It tells the world that, “While you were showering us with love, we gladly accepted it but once we were part of a really bad angle, you were honest with us in how you felt and it hurt our feelings so we are taking our ball and going home.”  To me, if you love the good, and clearly they did as social media has been a primary proponent of getting them where they are today, you have to stay around and take the bad.  The fact of the matter is they were part of a terrible angle at the end of Dynamite.  The meme of one of the creepers punching the mat, nowhere close to whoever he was trying to hit, has gone viral because it was so awful.  The whole angle was bad, embarrassingly so.  Sure, it’s not something anyone wants to be called out for but that is part of the price you pay for working in the public eye.  I could have quit social media at least a hundred times over the years after people were tools to me.  I think it shows a real immaturity on their part to do this.  As I write this on Saturday, Nick’s account is still down but at least Matt’s is back up.

One of my problems with some AEW fans is that no matter what happens on the show, they think it’s great.  If WWE did the same exact thing, they think it sucks.  The end of Dynamite this week was terrible.  The Young Bucks chose to leave social media rather than take the criticism from the fans, which was deserved.  That is their choice, but they are also EVPs in the company.  Doesn’t that make their decision look bad for the corporate entity AEW?

Yes, I think it does.  They are officers in the company, and as I said above, they look really thin-skinned.  By comparison, HHH is an EVP in WWE.  He gets hate tweets as well.  What does he do?  Nothing, he soldiers on.  I would bet that he even takes into account valid criticisms along the way.  As I said above, I think the Bucks come off really badly here.  I hope they reconsider this decision.  It’s not a good look.

Would it be fair to say that Tony Khan's best ever Christmas gift was being able to give a Stunner to Shawn Spears? 

I don’t know what else Tony has gotten for Christmas over the years so I can’t say if it’s his best gift but oh yeah, he sure seemed to enjoy himself out there.  

And did Spears really leave WWE for THAT?

Well to be fair, it’s not like WWE was using him.  It made sense to take a chance and go to AEW since he is almost 39 years old.  And hey, making the boss happy probably isn’t a bad thing!

Now that Jimmy Uso has been found not guilty of DUI is it going to be business as usual as far as the WWE is concerned with them and him or are they going to be kind of hesitant to give him anything resembling a push, big or small, at least for the near future?

I honestly can’t say.  I think it all depends on how they feel about where he is in his life right now.

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