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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-19 10:00:00

There's been a lot of talk about Edge returning to the ring.  Do you think this will actually happen?

I do.  We've heard that Edge signed a new deal with WWE that has a pretty nice upside.  We also reported a few months ago he was in Pittsburgh for WWE business and that's where WWE Wellness Policy head Dr. Joseph Maroon is headquartered.  My gut feeling is we'll see Edge in the Royal Rumble as a surprise (as that seems like the perfect place to make a big splash with a return for Wrestlemania season) and possibly even see him do a few matches on major events.  I will point out that Edge has denied on social media that he's doing anything, but the talk has persisted internally that he's on the way back to the ring and I do believe there is something to it.  We will see if I am right soon enough. .

Could CM Punk go take independent dates now?  He's on FOX but you've made it clear in your reporting he isn't signed to WWE.  Could he go do New Japan or AEW or Ring of Honor?

To the best of my knowledge, his FOX deal would not prevent CM Punk from wrestling, although he's made it clear it's not something he's looking to do.  I would think that if the right offer came along and Punk had offered something he was actually interested in actuallly doing, he could technically step back into the ring.  I guess it would depend on whether the money offer is right, as he's said WWE would have to give him a "pretty big bag", i.e. a massive payday.  So, it's in the realm of possibility, but we've heard nothing in the way of movement towards this actually happening.

Did AEW sign Colt Cabana, Taz and Vickie Guerrero?

Not as of yet.  We are told none of them have been signed to deals.  It's possible some or even all of them could be down the line.

If Wrestlemania fell on the same date as a Star Wars movie opening, what would you attend?

I'd cover Wrestlemania for work and then find a late night screening in whatever city I was in.

Why would WWE run an angle for Harlem Heat vs. The Revival?

The Royal Rumble is in Houston, the home of Booker T and Stevie Ray.  Having them competing to help locally push the show and give the audience something different as an attraction makes sense to me.  They have to try and sell out Minute Maid Park.  When you have to fill a house that big, pulling something special out of the hat makes sense, especially since Harlem Heat, as a team, has never competed "in" WWE.

Is it true AEW stole Kris Statlander from WWE, who was going to sign her?

Not actually.  We are told there was interest from WWE in signing Statlander to the NXT brand but the company had taken its time in actually making an offer.  That allowed AEW to bring her in and sign her.

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