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By Paul Jordan on 2019-12-16 09:46:00

The latest episode of "The New Day: Feel The Power" is now available.

After the customary chaotic welcome from the trio, Xavier Woods opens the podcast by running down what had been covered in the previous episodes. He then says this is going to be a different kind of episode this week as they will be discussing injuries. Xavier goes on to say he is currently dealing with one that is pretty serious. And Woods knows The New Day is known for their jovial nature and they don't get to show a real range of emotions on television. But this is something that he wants to talk about.

Woods then begins by saying he has been wrestling since he was 17. He is 33 now. Before his current Achilles injury, Xavier had never been out more than three months due to injury. He recounts a time during his days in Florida Championship Wrestling where they were doing a live event, he was clotheslined on the top of his head which compacted two discs in his neck. He was out for a few months because of that. Woods says that later that night he got severe headaches and was throwing up. Xavier also began to have a sensitivity to light. He slept in his closet all day. Later on, he would go with a friend to the ER after experiencing excruciating pain and feeling he was going to die. While at the hospital, they help relieve the pressure on his brain telling the superstar that it was essentially overheating and if they didn't catch it when they did. Woods would have had major brain damage due to its sustained temperature.

Woods says that never are 100% they are always dealing with some aches and pains. And goes on to say that the time the hospital was one of the scariest of his life until his current situation. He then goes into the story behind his Achilles injury. Xavier says while doing a backflip during a match in Sydney Australia against The Revival. At the beginning of the match after the move, Xavier describes the pain as he felt like someone kicked him in the back of the foot. He went to take another step and realized he could not put any weight on that foot and immediately knew it was his Achilles because that's where he felt it. The WWE doctor said it was likely a torn or ruptured Achilles. Xavier talks about the many emotions that were going through his mind. Not to mention the fact he was injured but he was that far away from home and likely being out for up to a year. He talks about flying directly from Sydney to Atlanta and then to Birmingham, Alabama to have the surgery. The surgeon told Woods that it would take him 14 minutes to fix, but it could take up to a year to feel good on. Xavier describes being shaken by the whole prospect that he would be away from wrestling that long, as it was the only thing he's ever felt that passionately about. Not to mention that The New Day is really in their prime. Woods goes on to say it's a much different prospect than the only way for a few weeks because you know you are going to return at some point. But with a ruptured Achilles that is surgically repaired, there's no real timetable. He could do everything, icing it, PT, etc. with the tendons around healing and be back in five months. He could do the same thing and it could be longer, say around Survivor Series next year. Or Wrestlemania, the year after. Maybe, maybe not. Xavier says it is unlikely that he'll come back that late. But the fact that there is a percentage possibility that it could happen makes him sad.

Kofi Kingston speaks about the definite uncertainty of injuries when you're an athlete. Kingston says that they have all heard stories regarding Achilles injuries where superstars come back really soon, but he understands Woods' fear and can't imagine what he is going through right now. Kofi mentions he was not at the monitor and did not see injury when it occurred. Xavier jokes that he was crying and throwing up. Big E mentions the mental toll of injury being away from something they love, especially if you're in a group.   He talks about his ACL surgery, discussing the stress athletes face when trying to return.   E says the machine moves on without you, and it's hard to reconcile you're going to be gone.  He mentions that his ACL surgery had a timetable of nine months and it was difficult.  Big E talks about not having these heartfelt conversations in person that much regarding injury and recovery. Instead, they just text just because you don't want to bother anyone.  It feels like a very solitary experience.

Big E discusses how hard it's been continuing on without Woods and why he wanted to talk about this on the podcast. Texting back-and-forth is difficult at times. E discusses the never-ending nature of the WWE schedule and how it's conducive just moving on and mentioning how he felt seeing Kevin Owens do his intro when he was just out for ACL surgery. He said it was a slap in the face but he took it like a man, laughed it off and move on. But hurts to know things move on without you. Woods goes on to say that he understands that the machine moves on without you. But it doesn't make it any easier. Xavier understands his role and understands that nothing lasts forever, but he has fought for his role. Xavier Woods puts over the tenure of Kofi and the excelling charisma of Big E. Xavier talks about grinding it out to get to WWE and possibly losing it before he's ready to hang it up.

We return to the podcast with Kofi mentioning how lucky he's been in relative nature to the wrestling business. Kingston discusses only really having elbow and ankle surgery.  He says that the elbow surgery allowed him to spend time with his young son when he was born.  However, there have been plenty of moments that his mess with his kids growing up.  Kofi mentions that the ankle surgery was a little bit different as he was never much for cardio.  Especially running.  He hated it.  At least until he couldn't do it.  And that's all he wanted to do. It takes a mental toll on you know you can't do something you want to do.  He knows his surgeries have been relatively minor, but you never sure if you can come back especially with wrestling.  If you have a highflying style the same way again.  He talks about the strange nature of these injuries all happening on the dumbest moves.  Kingston says, Xavier's done that backflip time after time with no problem. Kofi says he's torn cartilage off his rib kicking out of the pin. Kingston says that the wear and tear of the traveling lifestyle cause these injuries with long hours being inactive in cars and planes  He says that having Woods and Big E holding it down on television takes away some of the fear.

Big E discusses getting injuries outside of wrestling and what it will feel like when he is 45, 55, etc.  He then runs down a list of injuries which include torn ACLs, broken right patella, torn right patella tendon, torn left meniscus, tore his left pectoral muscle, herniated discs in his lower back, and many other little nagging injuries. E fears he will have to pay the price 10 or 15 years down the road being an old hobbled man, he doesn't want to live like that. Kofi discusses seeing the legends backstage and no one has a perfect stride. He says it's a reminder to take care of your body. Kingston says that also makes it hard to want to take time off because you're afraid to lose momentum. It's a weird mental battle did want to take care of your body and not lose your spot. Kofi mentions talking with other athletes and them being shocked by the WWE schedule.

Xavier discusses wanting to be able to play with his grandchildren. So they have to find a balance. They want to be able to play with their kids and goad all their games. Kingston mentions going to a trampoline park with his son and not being able to run. The former WWE Champion also mentions playing a half-court basketball game with The Usos before a show and his back and hip were hurting so bad that he vowed to retire from playing basketball. Kingston says he signed a new five-year deal with WWE so it will be interesting to see what his body feels like after that. He mentions his younger days playing basketball to 21 and barely making it to seven points with The Usos. Every bump they take can have lasting effects. 

 Big E says despite all that he loves what they do. He loves having the people in the palm of their hands. He loved seeing the crowd laugh at something they did. But he could even see at 33 that he is coming to the backside of his career. And he's afraid that he won't be able to hang it up. Big E mentions that he has played other sport but nothing gives them the same feeling. He talks about knowing that the group made it at Summerslam 2014 when the crowd reacted the way that they did in Brooklyn. That energy is addicting. They discuss talking as a group during matches when things go well being great energy.

Xavier discusses not wanting to harp on the negative. Saying that wrestlers are a lot like teenagers they think they're invincible. Woods says that he was the one came up with a spot in the Hell in a Cell match with The Usos in which she got handcuffed and beaten with a kendo stick. It gave them major sympathy but why would you do that to yourself. The guys talk about how being home for injury is a taste to life after wrestling. Kofi says it's interesting. But he knows he doesn't want to stop. And it's great that he is an important part of the show, but he doesn't know what will come next.

Kofi asks Woods about the creation of Up Up Down Down YouTube channel. Woods says that is the beginning of him looking beyond wrestling and working on outside interests. So he's not one of the legends that keeps returning because he can't find other things. Big E discusses how he wasn't so productive with his downtime as Woods is. Living like he still is living in college. E puts Woods over for his hustle.

E openly begets talking about addiction to prescription meds and alcohol following injury due to depression. He discusses getting four surgeries in college getting him a mountain of pills. Thankfully he doesn't have an addictive personality. He says again and it's all about trusting your body as well. The guys once again put over Woods for his perseverance during his injury

Woods relays a message that if anybody's going through any alcohol or prescription drug addiction to talk to someone and get help.

The guys promise that the next episode will be more upbeat.

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