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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-16 10:00:00

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Who is worth more—-WWE or Sinclair Broadcasting?

According to, as of 12/13 Sinclair Broadcasting's net worth is $2.85B.  World Wrestling Entertainment's is $4.81B.

For years I believed that the Undertaker was trained by "Spoiler" Don Jardine. I've since heard in Bruce Prichard and Paul Bearer interviews that Taker was not trained by Jardine, that he was merely a big "Spoiler" fan who inherited the rope walk from him. Can you clear this up? 

He was trained, kind of, by Buzz Sawyer.  Taker told a great story about it on the WWE Network special with Steve Austin.  It’s worth watching.  Taker didn’t exactly get what he paid Sawyer for but it all worked out well for him in the end.

So, the NWO are going into the WWE HOF.  Hogan, Hall, Nash and...X-PAC????  He was not an original member so he just seems out of place.  I am thinking that - if anyone - Bischoff would deserve that spot more since he was the brainchild behind the faction.  Even better are just the three founding members going in without Pac.  What are your thoughts?

It’s WWE’s Hall so they get to say who goes in.  I have no problem with Sean Waltman going in with them, just as I would have no issue with Eric Bischoff doing so.  They were both part of the core of the group.

With Charlotte Flair and others trademarking new names, do you think that means they will leave WWE once their contracts are up?

No, I don’t think that in general it means that.  I think people like Charlotte are where they want to be.  Where would she want to go outside WWE when she is already at the top of the mountain and booked with respect?  I think that you need to look at the person doing the copyrighting and see what situation they are in and take it from there.

One of the things that really turned me on to AEW in its first few weeks was the fact I was seeing moves I either rarely or never see on WWE programming.  Now it seems every one on the roster is hitting Canadian Destroyers, various suicide dives, Poison Ranas, etc.  I'm a huge fan of the in-ring aspect of wrestling and love a back and forth match with big moves, but now I think too many high spots is one of AEWs biggest issues.  2nd only to maybe storytelling/character development.  Do you agree?

I think storytelling and character building is the biggest problem so far, far worse than the moves.  They need to do better at that because a lot of fans care more about the stories than the moves.  I am someone that doesn’t just watch wrestling for the moves.  To me, they need to mean something and play out in the storytelling.  With that said yes, there are way too many big moves in AEW for my liking but to be fair, that is what their fan base wants to see.  

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