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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-14 10:01:00

Why did AEW never hire Joey Ryan? He was always on Being the Elite but then he signed with Impact? Huh?

Ryan is friends with the Bucks but the final decision for AEW is Tony Khan, so it would appear Khan didn't want him for AEW at this time.

It sounded like Ian Riccaboni was saying goodbye to Colt Cabana on commentary last night.  Is Cabana done?

Last night was Cabana's last scheduled booking for Ring of Honor. I do not believe he was ever signed there.

What do you think of my theory that Jim Cornette go himself fired from the NWA so he could attend tonight's Bobby Eaton benefit?

He quit and you really should write science fiction.

Whatever happened to Devon Storm and Ace Darling? I saw them on the WWE Network on some old Raw and Nitros.

Darling is retired and lives in New Jersey.  Storm morphed into WCW star Crowbar and still wrestles.

I came across an interview you did with Ultimate Warrior and wondered what the back story for that was?  Where was this filmed?

Ringside Collectibles hired me.  It was filmed over six hours at the Hilton in Times Square.  He was far more combative on camera than he was off.  It was a weird day.

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