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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-15 10:00:00

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What is your favorite part of AEW?

If I am being honest, my favorite thing about AEW is that it led to two hours of NXT on USA every week.  It's nothing against AEW, it's about how much I love NXT.  My favorite part about actual AEW is the great job Cody Rhodes has done in making me invest in his storylines.

Yes, this is a joke but I think it’s a joke you’d like.  Dave, as a self respecting Philadelphia Eagles fan like you, I must ask.  What can be done to the city of Philadelphia to make WWE an offer they can’t refuse, so that Wrestlemania 37 can come to Lincoln Financial Field... and maybe Summerslam at the Talen Energy Stadium?

My own take is that it’s really tempting fate to hold Mania outdoors in late March/early April.  They have gotten lucky so far, but still, the weather can be nasty that time of year.  I think that while they are willing to take that chance for NY, they aren’t for Philly.  And I don’t blame them.  Now, SummerSlam outside at the Philadelphia Union’s home?  That should be a possibility,  It’s a nice venue and other than potential rain, the weather shouldn’t be an issue.

If you think AEW's roster is too thin, how do they go about acquiring new talent without having some of their existing talent being lost in the shuffle?  With only 2 hours of TV per week and not enough time to properly showcase everyone, talent being lost in the shuffle is already happening.

First off, two hours of TV is MORE THAN ENOUGH time to build talent.  The amount of time isn’t the issue.  They have plenty of time to build characters and get them over.  What I mean by the roster being thin is that they don’t have enough people that they have gotten over.  Character development hasn’t been great so far in my opinion so it’s just this person wrestling that person most of the time.  I don’t know who they are and I don’t know their motivations.  AEW has assumed that we all know every thing about everyone on the show, or we will go to the internet to seek it out.  Sure, some people will but many won’t.  Their roster is thin on talents known to the masses.  They need to do a better job building up people so that they are known too.

The returns of guys like CM Punk and John Morrison to WWE-related programming are pretty big moments in the wrestling world.  Do you think it was the right move to have their returns happen on two of WWE's sparsely-watched talk shows?  Or were their returns wasted by not having them happen on one of the main shows such as RAW or Smackdown? 

Punk didn’t return to WWE, he works for FOX.  Until WWE signs him, there is nothing for him to return to.  He appears on the show that pays him to appear.  In the case if Morrison, I see what you are saying but the flip side is, if very few people watch Backstage, does it really matter?  If 100,000 see him there and then millions see him on Raw or Smackdown, that will be the return for most people.  Plus, it’s not a bad idea to have people like him appear in an attempt to get folks to watch Backstage.

Don't you think think it is odd that although Seth Rollins and the AOP were obviously there, that they let KO destroy their (very expensive) car before they attacked him?

Ah WWE logic, it often makes no sense!

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