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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-12 09:58:00

I am going to my first ever WWE event and I was wondering - is it better to sit on the floor or in the first level?

Unless you are going to be in one of the first few rows, personally, I would always go for the first level.  You are pretty much eye level with the ring and no one is going to stand up and infringe upon your sightline, something that will happen a LOT on the floor.

Is it true that WWE is working to pull talents from wrestling conventions?

Yes and no.  I have heard that certain WWE Legends contracts that are being renewed now give the company the option to prevent talents from appearing at conventions, so I'd expect the Wrestlecons and Starrcasts, etc. to have to a smaller pool to work from as more talents sign those deals.  We have also heard that WWE has pretty much made it clear to promoters that if AEW talents are appearing, WWE-contracted talents can not appear at the same convention.

What the hell is a C2E2 and why would AEW do a PPV in conjunction with it?

C2E2 is one of the biggest comic book/pop culture conventions in the world.  It's held annually in Chicago and usually has about 100,000 people in attendance over the course of the weekend.  That and the fact the Khan family are from Illinois originally is probably why!

Any chance of Terri Runnells in the WWE Hall of Fame?

There's always a chance but I haven't heard much buzz in that direction.

Did Tammy Sytch ever get out of prison?

No.  As of today, she is still there.  It appears her previous parole was revoked but we haven't been able to get confirmed documentation beyond confirming she is still incarcerated in Pennsylvania.

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