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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-11 10:00:00

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Dave mentioned moment Keith Lee showed up behind Balor out of nowhere on the 12/9 Q&A.  How much do you think having such an elite production team adds to that moment?  Is that a detriment to AEW or Impact product when WWE has clearly defined the visual of wrestling?

I think having an elite production team is huge to any promotion.  Things happen in the course of a match that are made to appear so much better if it's captured properly.  Beyond that however is planning and vision.  When the booker has the vision to conceive a moment like that, and then relays it to the talent and the production team, it comes across the way the Lee moment did this week and last, when he bounced Adam Cole into the crowd.  To me, vision is such a huge part of the business and is what makes it great.

TLC is in two weeks right, and they announced nothing?  Why should I care about the show when WWE doesn’t care enough to tell me what’s on it?

I got nothing!  Seriously, you make a great point about the show.  It is definitely a placeholder event, a week before Christmas no less.  It sure seems like that is how WWE has approached it.  It’s a good thing they have moved away from the PPV model because they haven’t done much to get people invested in this show.

After managing to thoroughly spook Cody's dog and the goat used in the Jericho celebration, should AEW cease any future use of animals in front of the live crowd going forward?  Have they received any backlash from any animal rights groups as a result of these two instances?

Yes!  100 percent, absolutely they should stop using animals.  It’s pretty clear to me that they have no clue how to do it properly.  I haven’t heard of any backlash that they have received.

Despite the ongoing silliness of this whole Rusev/Lashley/Lana totally time-wasting debacle, once again Creative (and I use that term loosely) forgets their own history. It was not so long ago that Rich Swann was released just because he was suspected of a crime. One he was eventually cleared of. And many others have been released for similar reasons. So why are we to believe that all this law-breaking stuff is going on, and nothing is being done to them? Way to go Creative!

Honestly?  Because they want you to.  It’s their world so they make the rules.

Any word on what role ROH or NJPW will have at WrestleMania weekend this upcoming year?

We have heard that while not officially announced yet, that ROH will run Lakeland, FL or Saturday April 4.  I haven’t heard anything concerning New Japan.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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