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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-12-08 00:50:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory”

Season 2, Episode 10

11/5/19 Worcester, MA

A couple days late here: I couldn’t make Worcester this week and so, am playing catch-up via IWTV, listening to the sultry sounds of Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella.

Match 1: Jay Freddie vs Brandon Thurston

Are we getting the real rubber match tonight? Will Jay Freddie get payback? Will Thurston experience another bout of dick kick fever? Of course he will. Thurston ambushes with a low kick during the entrance but Freddie no-sells....he’s wearing a cup! Smart Move. He hits Thurston with the cup and swarms with strikes before the bell. Bell rings and Freddie is all over Thurston, throwing him corner to corner and chopping the heck out of him on the outside. Thurston finally takes the advantage and starts working over Freddie’s leg and shoulders. He makes a point to sit on Freddie back like he did to Puf previously. Freddie dragons screws into a figure four and it’s deep. Escape into a back and forth slugfest and neither wants to back down. Trading suplexes and submission attempts Into pure exhaustion. Top rope German from Thurston and a follow up knee and Freddie barely kicks out of this. They fight back to the top. Freddie prevents a superplex and tries to plex Thurston but falls from the top, going face first to the floor. Crowd goes dead silent and the bell rings. Bakabella abandons commentary immediately.

Winner: No Contest

Oh noooooooo....I immediately hit pause and check Twitter. Thankfully Beyond had the update: 

Phew. Cricket and Denver Colorado on camera giving an update on Freddie’s condition, as he’s being attended to by paramedics. After a couple minutes of commentary, we see Freddie back on his feet with a good chunk of the Beyond locker room out there in support. Glad to see him back up, the crowd cheered. As for the match, Fantastic battle right to the unfortunate end. All the intensity I’ve wanted from these two over 15 minutes. This has been a great mid-card feud spanning 2 seasons of Uncharted Territory. This match cannot be the final chapter of things.

Match 2: Anthony Greene (w/ Ava Everett) vs CJ Cruz (TFT Preliminaries)

Tournament for a Tomorrow is back and AG is ready to work his way to the finals against his best friend Josh Briggs, who is watching from the entry way. CJ Cruz had a great showing against Alec Price two weeks ago in the Spotlight match, punching his card into this spot. It’s immediately obvious as Cruz goes through the opening minutes super fast, staying ahead of RetroAG’s offense. Greene finally catches Cruz and starts working on the head and neck. Cruz fires back with a bulldog, hits a 619 and a big elbow drop for a close two. Double underhook suplex from Greene and a single leg crab but Cruz gets to the ropes. Greene is frustrated but lands a cutter to the top rope and a tope. Cruz dodges a cutter and gets a close two on a powerslam and a moonsault. Cruz with a another close call hitting Greene with his second rope cutter. Greene dodges a shotgun dropkick and sinks a deep crab. Cruz gets hit with a super kick. Greene his for the follow up but Cruz rolls him up and that’s the three!

Winner: CJ Cruz

Whaaaaaaaat?!? The easy favorite Greene just got beat clean in the center! Cruz looked great here against the vet. Very excited for his trajectory through the rest of the tourney. Commentary made a point to highlight Greene’s intense travel schedule as potentially throwing him off his game tonight. Greene is in shock. Ava is upset. Josh Briggs looks massively disappointed in his best friend. Wow.

Match 3: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch (w/ Wheeler Yuta) vs AC Mack

AC Mack again forces Announcer Rich Palladino to holds his Bonestorm and Action championships on high through his entrance.l as the crowd chants “AC Whack”. Wheeler Yuta takes over for Bakabella on commentary in support of his Legit Yoots tag partner. Mack doesn’t take Leyla seriously and he pays for it initially via takedown and a huge german. He trips the leg and hits his own suplex, enziguri and big lariat. She dodges a second round of that and sets him up for the moonsault but whiffs. Mack hits a pedigree for the pin.

Winner: AC Mack

Mack keeps the attack on Leyla, prompting Yuta to abandon commentary and save his friend. Mack is run off but this is gonna set up a Great War with Yuta. Match itself was solid, Leyla looked good working from underneath. Mack held up his end of the fight with some flashy combos, putting away one of Beyond’s rising stars in emphatic fashion. Someone needs to stand up for poor Rich Palladino though.

Match 4: Team Pazuzuhausen (Pinkie Sanchez & Danhausen) vs Nerder Death Kill (Thomas Santell & Nick Gage)

What a hot matchhausen this is! Pinkie goes for a superkick during Gage’s intro but Gage catches it and blasts him with a chokebreaker. Gage tosses Pinkie around the Merch tables and Santell is in to pick the bones. Danhausen tags in to save Pinkie but Santell immediately outclasses him with his technical wrestling chops. A dropkick sends Santell to the apron, hit the Tequila music and Danhausen has a dance party. Santell dances along but eats a superkick at the end, prompting a bewildered Gage to interfere. Santell back in against Sanchez and traps him in a stretch muffler. Danhausen knocks down Gage with the jar of teeth and pours the contents down Santell’s throat to break the hold. TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH. Sorry, what? Pinkie can’t get the follow up pin. Face enraged and in with a prison shank and Santell talks him down from using it. Tandem chokebreaker and Sanchez kicks out barely. Gage going for a chair and Santell doesn’t want it. Danhausen posts Gage and they hit an atomic drop on the chair to Santell. Gage back in to wipe out Danhausen. Spike piledriver and a double spike piledriver to a chair on Sanchez for the win.

Winners: NDK

Fun contest. Love that Danhausen. The real interesting stuff for me was the general dissension within NDK, Gage wanting to go for plunder and Santell talking him back from the ledge several times. NDK has some miles and matches left to go as a team but I love the seeds of destruction being sown here. Larry Legend is out with the stolen Team Pazuzu kneepad, providing distraction as Chuck O’Neil ambushes them. Pazuzuhausen fights back but Chuck tosses Sanchez and traps Danhausen in a deep armbar before the refs break it up. Dickinson will have something to say about this in the weeks to come.

It’s time for the Discovery Gauntlet! You gotta win it to stay in it! Last week, Aaron Rourke shocked the room by pinning Gary Jay. Tonight, Masha Slamovich makes her Beyond debut.

Match 5: “The Dimepiece” Aaron Rourke vs “The Russian Dynamite” Masha Slamovich

Masha starts fast but Rourke wipes out her leg and goes to work. Kicks and knees while he pie faces her with disrespect. He goes for a split leg moonsault but she rolls out of the way. Trios of Germans from Masha and she’s fired up! Corner dropkick but it’s a two count. She goes for a pedrigree but he kicks out her leg. Rourke hits a widow’s peak but Masha kicks out! She kicks him down but misses the follow up splash. Rourke slaps on a figure eight for the tap out!

Winner: Aaron Rourke

Good showing for Slamovich! I look forward to seeing her again. Rourke gets another solid victory, looking pretty good on his way to the win. I wanted more character after last week and got it, as His post-match interview runs down the crowd and tells Beyond “you’re welcome” for getting another week to look at perfection. <chef’s kiss>

We get a backstage promo showing Yuta and Leyla challenging AC Mack to a tag team match next week. A promo card shortly after makes it official as Mack is bringing Fred Yehi in to have his back against Legit Yoots.

Match 6: “The Bitch Destroyer” Josh Briggs vs “The Prize” Alex Price (TFT Preliminaries)

The other half of that good Spotlight match a couple weeks ago, Price has a huge test against EVOLVE’s current champion. Anthony Greene and Ava Everett are out to watch and support their friend. Price’s initial strategy is “runnnnnnnnn...and get a hit in”. Briggs has no humor for this, as he walks through ineffective punches and smashes the little man. Price rolls through a chokeslam attempt, hits a ddt and starts stomping Briggs out. Price wants a suplex but Briggs slams him out of it. Big boots from Briggs but Price hits a huge blockbuster and spikes Briggs again for a close two. Price takes a long time taunting while Briggs gets to his feet, and gets hit with a HUUUUUUUUGE chokeslam as the big man wakes up. Suddenly, Ava Everett is thrown in the ring to distract the ref. Greene hops in to superkick Briggs and Price gets the three on a crucifix pin.

Winner: Alec Price

My oh my oh my oh my. Ava is furious at Greene and Briggs stares a hole in him from the ring. Josh is upset, yelling at Denver Colorado as he leaves the ringside area. What a swerve! This should hopefully set up something pretty fantastic at Heavy Lies the Crown on New Years Eve. The match itself was great to watch, Briggs was all business and Price had to get very scrappy to stay ahead of the big man.

Main Event: “The Meat Man” John Silver vs “Superstar” Jake Atlas

Making his name on the west coast, it’s Atlas’ debut and farewell to Beyond before he heads down to Orlando. Silver is coming off a loss to Orange Cassidy two weeks ago. Jake Atlas smoothly stays ahead of Silver’s aggressive offense in the opening minutes. Atlas hand springs out of a headlock, prompting Silver to try a headstand. Atlas does a cartwheel, prompting Silver to do the same (Ref Dumeng is encouraged to do one as well and hits it beautifully). They battle to the outside and Atlas stays on top with a series of somersaults, cartwheels and springboard attacks. Silver resorts to raking the eyes, which sets him up to hit his running boot and brain buster for a two count. Silver with the uppercuts and chest-caving kicks. Atlas finally catches a kick and hits a flurry to put Silver down for two. Silver tossing Atlas corner to corner. We speed up to 100 mph as Atlas and Silver trade kicks. Atlas with a rolling DVD and moonsault for a near fall. Atlas pulls Silver up to slug him down. Silver with a flurry of kicks and Atlas back with punches. Silver with a superkick and Spin Doctor Bomb for a two count! More kicks and a poison rana from Silver. Atlas tosses Silver and hits a dive to the outside. He misses a moonsault back in the ring. Silver with a lariat and a punt kick for the three!

Winner: John Silver

This was awesome! Jake Atlas was a joy to watch. Super entertaining in-ring style (especially for a guy his size) as he stayed she’s did the meat man for much of the first half of this match. John Silver got a great notch in his belt tonight in a highly entertaining contest.

As we go off the air, Anthony Greene is out to talk to Ava Everett, who is selling his merch next to Josh Briggs. Briggs immediately jumps the table to attack his former best friend, until Greene escapes out the door. Hell yeah.

And that’s it for Episode 10! Apart from the unfortunate conclusion to the opener, this was a great watch. Lot of story work tonight through some highly entertaining action. Everyone came out looking pretty good here, win or lose, as the build to Heavy Lies the Crown is starting to gain steam. I’m back in Worcester for the next couple of weeks and looks forward to the next chapters of my Thursday fix. Until next time!

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