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By Shannon Walsh on 2019-12-07 23:54:00

Photo credit: Billy Krotchsen

EVOLVE 142 results from Chicago, Illinois at Logan Square Auditorium on 12/7/19:


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*Jake St. Patrick beat Project Monix.


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*Elayna Black (RISE Wrestling regular) beat Blair Onyx.

*Kevin Lee Davidson beat Dan The Dad.

*Jake Lander and Gnarls Garvin won the Zero 1 USA Tag Team Titles from Joey O’Riley and Jordan Perry.

*Colby Corino beat Sean Maluta. Eddie Kingston and The Unwanted attacked Corino after the match. Anthony Gutierrez made the save to lead into the next match.

*Eddie Kingston beat Anthony Gutierrez.

*Joe Gacy beat Andrew Everett.


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*The next match was originally advertised as a 3-Way with J.D. Drake vs. Babatunde vs. Anthony Greene. Then it was supposed to be Babatunde vs. Anthony Green (with Brandi Lauren) in a singles match but Harlem Bravado came out and attacked Babatunde and Josh Briggs made the save. It set up a tag team match.


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*Anthony Greene and Harlem Bravado beat Josh Briggs and Babatunde by Disqualification when Briggs used a kendo stick.

*Brendan Vink beat Adrian Alanis.


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*Arturo Ruas beat Timothy Thatcher by armbar submission.


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*Reina Gonzalez beat Shotzi Blackheart in a No Disqualification Match.


J.D. Drake is on commentary.

*Curt Stallion pinned Matt Sydal after the kamikaze headbutt. Stallion ended up bloody in the middle of the match.

*Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett won the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles from AR Fox and Leon Ruff. broke the news today that WALTER got his gear and the WWE U.K. Title stolen but he is here for the main event. He’s wrestling barefoot.

*WWE UK Champion WALTER beat EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs in a Non-Title Match.

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