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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-07 23:08:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the Alberto el Patron vs. Tito Ortiz MMA fight headlining tonight's Combate Americas: What Side Are You On? PPV.

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Note: Earlier tonight former Lucha Underground Champion Sexy Star, fighting billed as Sexy Dulce Garcia, forced Anali López to tap out to a guillotine choke in the first round.


They are each fighting at 209 lbs.

They played the Mexican and United States national anthems before the fighter entrances.

There was a brief "USA" chant after the anthems.

Sin Cara, Chavo Guerrero and el Hijo del Dos Caras were at cageside when El Patron came to the cage.   

Rey Mysterio was slated to be at the PPV but was not in attendance we are told. 

There is interest in Cara as an announcer for the promotion should he get his requested WWE release, which obviously has not hapened.

No sign of Alberto's parents or kids there.

Melissa Santos from Impact Wrestling was cageside and had been doing interviews earlier on the broadcast.

Albero was listed as "Free Wrestling Champ."

Tito Ortiz came out carrying an American flag with his children.  Once they were all on stage, Ortiz's ring music changed to Rick Derringer's "Real American."  Yep, Hulk Hogan's theme song.  Ortiz was wearing a t-shirt that read "American Dream" that was in the same font as the old NBC WWF Saturday Night's Main Event series.

The ring announcer stated it was the biggest fight in the history of Combate Americas.

Ortiz had lots of pro-Donald Trump banners behind him and Trump 2020 on his fight gear.  

They listed Alberto's win/loss record as 9-5.


Big "Tito" chant before they rang the bell.

They exchanged a few punches before Ortiz took Patron to the mat and clinched him from the side.  Tito chants.  Patron tried to find a way out but was held down.  Ortiz controlled him from the side.  Ortiz turned it into a front facelock, going for a guillotine choke.  Patron got to his feet but was nailed with a right.  Patron was again taking to the mat and nailed with elbows.  Ortiz grabbed the side control again, then maneuvered over his back, nailing punches underneath.

Ortiz caught Patron against the cage and nailed several shots to the side of the head.  Tito chants.  Patron was nailed again and again at Patron tried to figure a way out to no avail.  Ortiz mounted his back and then turned Alberto into the cage.  Ortiz grabbed the back again and cinched in a rear naked choke.  Patron tapped.

Total fight time: 3 minutes, 10 seconds.

Your winner, Tito Ortiz!


Ortiz held the choke after the bell.  That wasn't cool.  He shoved Alberto away.  Ortiz let him go and acted like he was shoveling dirt into a grave.

After the fight, the fighters had zero contact with each other at first.

Ortiz had promised it wouldn’t go past the first round.  He was a prophet.    It was all one-sided.  No offense from Patron behind a few punches early on that didn't come close to connecting.

Due to his loss, Patron has to give up possession of his WWE Championship belt to Ortiz.  The announcers said he has to give it to Ortiz's kids.

Patron did not look happy when Ortiz was officially named the winner.  They faced off and shook hands before embracing.

Melissa Santos interviewed Tito in the ring.    He was wearing a United States Border Patrol hat and said what happened tonight was the American Dream.   It was noted Ortiz has one more fight on his Combate Americas deal.  He said he grew up with gangs and wrestling saved his life.  It was gave him a chance to a World Champion in martial arts.  Del Rio pushed him to train 19 weeks for this fight.  He wanted to show his kids what hard work does.

Ortiz said that he was donating $10,000 to Del Rio's charity to stepping in the cage with him.  

Ortiz gave the WWE title belt to his kids.  He said that he sacrificed missing his girlfriend and his brother's birthdays but it was worth it for his kids to have the belt in their room.  He said he grew up wanting to be a WWE Champion and now he has a title belt.

Santos then interviewed Alberto el Patron.  He said that the Mexican public are not criminals and thieves and should be treated with respect.  He said that he dedicated his fight to his family and children and he was going home to them.

That's all from Texas.  Thank you for your support of!

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