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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-12-07 22:43:00

We start off with a look back at last week’s match between Ross Von Erich and Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Championship and Tom Lawlor’s involvement in the match.

We are in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini.

For the opening match, AJ and Rich are joined by Alexander Hammerstone.

Match Number One: Battle Royal

The bell rings and Barrington Hughes tries to direct traffic and then the wrestlers go after Hughes and eliminate him. Thatcher and Garrini square off. Gorgan chokes Gringo Loco and then Injustice work over Loco. Martinez with a forearm while Savio Vega goes after Leo Brien. Thatcher with a European uppercut. Richard Holliday with a kick while Zenshi is sent over the top rope but he kicks Thatcher and returns to the ring. Martinez tries to stay in the ring and he kicks away a few people. Holliday with a forearm to Garrini. Vega with a punch to Oliver and a chop. Brazil rakes Thatcher’s eyes.

Zenshi is able to save himself a second time. Brien and Gorgan exchange punches. Martinez with a double sledge to Garrini’s back. Oliver kicks Holliday and Brazil kicks him. Reed and Brazil along with Oliver try to eliminate Holiday. Gorgan makes the save for Holliday. James with a knee. Thatcher works over Garrini. Vega with punches and kicks. Martinez and Brazil square off the ring to renew their rivalry. Oliver talks to Gorgan and he wants Martinez to join them. Gorgan eliminates Oliver and Martinez. Reed is the next eliminated. Gorgan press slams Brazil to the floor to eliminate him.

Vega and Brien are elimianted. Gorgan punches someone off the apron. Holliday chokes Garrini in the corner. Gorgan tries to eliminate Thatcher. Zenshi stays in the match by using his hands. Holliday blocks a rana and hits a power bomb and eliminates someone. Zenshi with a back heel kick to Holliday and then Holilday sends Zenshi to the apron and Holliday eliminates Zenshi when Zenshi goes for a springboard move.

Garrini elimiantes Holliday but Gorgan eliminates Garrini. James, Thatcher, and Loco join forces to try to take care of Gorgan. Thatcher with a kick to Loco and Loco stops short of Gorgan. Gorgan choke slams Loco to the apron and Loco falls to the floor. James with a super kick and Gorgan wonders what James just did. Gorgan with a kick and he eliminates James.

We are down to Thatcher and Gorgan. Thatcher with a slap and European uppercuts. Gorgan with a chop and Thatcher is sent to the apron. Thatcher with an arm bar from the apron and Gorgan with punches and he sends Thatcher into the ring post and Gorgan with a boot to eliminate Thatcher.

Winner: Gorgan

We take a look back at what Josef Samael did to Teddy Hart during his match against Myron Reed when Reed won the title.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Tom Lawlor. Tom is asked to explain why he did what he did to his friends. Tom says friend is an interesting choice of words. Most friendships are mutually beneficial to both parties. Tom says his friendship with the Von Erichs only benefitted them. It was his war with Contra and he brought the Von Erichs in. The Von Erichs made it all about themselves when it should be about him.

Tom is asked if he is loyal to Contra. Tom says the only thing he hates more than the Von Erichs is Contra. His loyalty lies with one person and you are looking at him. There is one man on this Earth who deserves his loyalty and it is himself.

Tom is asked about his plans in MLW. Tom refuses to answer the question and tell people his plans. He has been looked over for opportunities. He could reform Team Filthy. He could do whatever he wants. There is nothing that he cannot do right now.

Tom tells them to focus on the most important thing in MLW. Look into his eyes and let him know exactly how much pain you are willing to feel.

We take a look at the Opera Cup and it will return starting next week. We see the bracket for the tournament. Next week, Alexander Hammerstone faces Maxwell Jacob Friedman. In another first round match next week, Davey Boy Smith Jr. will face Low Ki.

Match Number Two: Savio Vega versus Leo Brien in a Swamp Fight

The referee explains the rules and there aren’t any.

Brien with forearms but Vega with a punch and hed butt. Brien with a punch and he bites Vega in the head. Brien with a forearm and kick to Vega. Brien gets his bullrope and chokes Vega with it. Brien with a rake of the eyes but Vega hits Brien with the cowbell. Vega gets a tree branch and hits Brien with it. Vega chokes Brien with the branch and hits Brien with it. Vega with a head butt.

Vega punches Brien but Brien rakes the eyes. Vega gets the bullrope again but Brien hits Vega. Vega with kicks and a thrust to the neck. Vega pulls at the mouth. Vega hits Brien with the cowbell a few times. Vega chokes Brien with the bullrope and ties it to the top of a fence. Vega hangs Brien momentarily before letting go. Brien with a punch to Vega. Brien hits Vega with the cowbell but Brien can only get a near fall. Brien rakes at the face. Brien with a punch an forearm. Vega with a head butt and he sends Brien into the fence. Brien hits Vega with a tree branch. Brien with a punch.

Vega with a kick and he chokes Brien with the bullrope. Vega with a punch and spinning heel kick for the three count.

Winner: Savio Vega

We go to the Ross and Marshall Von Erich. They are asked about what happened last week. Ross says he is frustrated and distraught. He called Tom a brother and he turned on him. Marshall says they throw around the term brother losely and he is pissed off. He did not see it coming. Marshall says he will see Tom in the hallway and locker room, but he better hope he doesn’t see him in the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for ACH, who will be returning to MLW.

We take a look back at the end of the MLW World Championship Match between Jacob Fatu and Ross Von Erich from last week’s show.

While the footage is being shown, we are told that the Taipei Death Match between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc is cancelled due to an incident in the back.

Match Number Three: Ikuro Kwon and Simon Gotch versus Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr.

Kwon and Pillman start things off. Kwon pushes Pillman and Pillman pushes back. They lock up and Kwon with a wrist lock. Pillman with a reversal and reverse chin lock. Pillman with a side head lock and Kwon escapes with a wrist lock. Pillman with a kick to Kwon followed by a shoulder tackle. Pillman hits the ropes and goes down awkwardly. Kwon with a front face lock and Gotch tags in.

Gotch with a kick and European uppercut. Kwon tags back in and Kwon with a rolling mare and back heel kick for a near fall. Kwon wraps the arms in the ropes and he chops Pillman a few times. Gotch tags in and he connects with a head butt and chop. Gotch with kicks and knees. Gotch with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Gotch goes for a cross arm breaker.

Gotch with boots to the head and then he works on the ankle. Pillman with a reverse chin lock into a side head lock. Gotch with a Saito suplex and Kwon tags in. Gotch with a kick to the back and Samael rakes the eyes while the referee deals with Smith. Pillman with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Pillman with chops and punches. Pillman sends Kwon into Smith’s boot and Smith tags in and slams Kwon. Smith with a boot to the midsection. Smith sends Kwon into Pillman’s boot and Pillman tags in. Pillman slaps Kwon in the corner. Pillman kicks Kwon and sends him into the turnbuckles. Smith tags in and hits a delayed vertical suplex on Kwon. Smith gets a near fall. Kwon with punches but Smith with a knee to stop Kwon. Smith with a European uppercut and he sends Kwon into the turnbuckles.

Pillman tags in and he punches Kwon. Pillman goes for a suplex but Kwon lands on his feet and he kicks Pillman. Gotch tags in and he snap mares Pillman and kicks him in the back. Gotch with a front face lock and chops. Gotch with a forearm and European uppercut. Smith tries to get involved but the referee sends Smith back into the corner while Kwon and Gotch work over Pillman.

Gotch with a snap mare and chin bar. Gotch turns it into a sleeper. Pillman with a jaw breaker and Smith tags in and hits a shoulder tackle. Smith brings Kwon into the ring and Smith punches both men. Smith sends Kwon and Gotch into each other with a double noggin knocker. Smith with a slam to Kwon and a clothesline to Gotch. Smith with punches in the corner. Smith with a boot to Gotch. Smith with a leg drop for a near fall. Pillman with a super kick to Kwon and then they hit a springboard Hart Attack and Smith with a jackknife cover for the three count.

Winners: Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr.

We go to credits.

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