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By Paul Jordan on 2019-12-07 16:57:00

WWE Network News is reporting a new episode of "Table for 3 will be coming this Monday following Raw.  The episode entitled "Impactful Reunion" will feature Sting, Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles.  As the title suggests, the three legendary performers will be talking about the time in the company formerly known as TNA.  Once again WWE will be licensing footage from Impact for the episode.  The synopsis reads as follows:

Table For 3 – Impactful Reunion - Sting, Jeff Jarrett & AJ Styles reflect on their illustrious sports-entertainment pasts and the impact they had on the industry. has a story about a mother in Phoenix decorating a Christmas tree for pediatric cancer patients with WWE merchandise.

Trevor Osz sent the following...Just thought I would give a little more info on Michael Crandle (who wrestles as Duke Davis) and Gary Jones (who wrestles as Ganon Jones Jr.) Both have been mainstays in the Pittsburgh area for a few years now and started as singles competitors before teaming up and becoming the tag team The Mane Event. They definitely hit their stride while teaming and have quickly been branching out to more and more promotions outside of the Pittsburgh area. They're both incredibly talented and hard-working big men. I'm hoping that gives them a good shot at the PC. 

[ full?length] TOKYO MONORAIL

Alexa Bliss appears in this video with NXT's Brandon Vink

NXT tweeted:


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