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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-07 16:25:00

MLW has removed all mentions of ACH from their website, including announcing he was working their 1/11/20 event.  The materials were removed as the promotion did not want to false advertise.

Shinjiro Otani pulled out of his MLW Opera Cup booking this past Tuesday.  MLW immediately announced Low Ki would replace him.  They also made an announcement at the start of the Opera Cup apologizing for the change.

In regard to the Teddy Hart release that was announced on Friday, has been told by multiple sources that the Hart exit was not just a result of one reason or incident, but a culmination of issues over time over the last several months.  While MLW announced Hart’s release on Friday 12/5, Hart had actually requested his release several times in recent weeks, starting late November, but that MLW had denied the release multiple times until finally changing their mind this week and announcing it this past Friday.   

While MLW declined to comment to, instead pointing to their official statement that Hart was released, was told that issues began in September when Hart didn’t appear for scheduled pre-tapes in Dallas.  What was planned for a Best of Three Falls bout against the Dynasty at MLW War Chamber didn’t go according to plan with Hart getting most of the shine in the first fall.  We are told that Tom Prichard, who had been in charge of producing the bout, was extremely upset, to the point that one source claimed Prichard nearly quit MLW right after he started with the company.  That weekend appears to be where the chasm between the two sides began.

Hart then no-showed the combined show with THE CRASH in Mexico, which caused headaches as he was a big part of advertising for the event in Mexico (including banners outside the arena).  On that show, hewas slated for a six man tag, so CRASH now had an extra talent booked they couldn’t use, which MLW sources felt reflected badly on the company.  MLW is now working with AAA and their relationship with the CRASH has dissolved.    Some MLW sources also pointed to Hart being in the crowd at NXT and other events, saying it disrespected the company, since he was a titleholder for MLW at the time.  On that one, I think those upset about it are splitting hairs, since lots of talents from other companies visit promotions, although Hart does dress in a way that makes himself easily noticed no matter where he is.  That said, I might feel differently if I had someone under contract and he was showing up at other promotion's events.

Update: An MLW source noted, "We felt Teddy was being not only disrespectful to us but to AEW and NXT and their locker rooms. If he had just been in the back, it’s a non-issue.  He was taking away from the talent in the ring with the antics too."

In November in Orlando, there were said to be other headaches.  Hart didn’t show up for pre-tapes and again, we are told that what was planned for his match with Myron Reed went out the window with some feeling it made Reed looked poor, this time nearly causing MLW TV to go off the air before a planned angle with CONTRA Unit showing up to do their angle.  MLW was taping live to tape with the show being aired later that night on BeIN Sports, so there would have been zero time to post-produce, which added to the issues.  The CONTRA fireball angle, burning Hart, was originally slated to kick off a long CONTRA vs. Hart Foundation program with Hart returning in January in Dallas as a surprise.  That is obviously all out the window, but had the angle not aired, MLW would have had to course-correct before moving forward.

Hart’s side, based on comments made on the YouTube channel that he shares with real-life girlfriend ROH talent Maria Manic, is that he felt disrespected that MLW hadn’t backed him in the wake of allegations that Hart’s ex-girlfriend from several years ago, Samantha Fiddler had disappeared in the Fall of 2016 and that police in Canada were actively pursuing a missing persons case in her disappearance. 

Hart publicly responded to implications he could have been involved in the case via Twitter, noting that their relationship had ended before Fiddler moved to Florida and by then, he himself was living in Texas:

Based on Hart's comments, it would appear that he felt it was best to exit the company for not showing loyalty to him.  Hart had been a regular with MLW since its resurrection.

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