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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-08 10:03:00

I saw that this week one of your biggest competitors finally changed his tune on AEW.  Before this week, he had been a big cheerleader for everything that they did.  This week, he finally said a lot of the things that you have said about the company.  He even called AEW “WWE Lite”, mimicking what you said that it’s no different that Raw or Smackdown. When that happens, does it make you feel validated in any way?

Honestly?  Not a bit.  Here’s the thing, I respect everyone’s opinion.  If I think AEW is no different than Smackdown or Raw and he thinks it’s the greatest show ever, that’s fine.  We all have a right to our opinions because different people like different things.  However, I am very confident in my ability to analyze the pro wrestling business so I don’t concern myself with what any other analyst says.  I don’t just throw opinions out off of the top of my head.  I put thought into them and can defend my positions.  So it doesn’t matter to me if he has come around to see things like Chris Jericho’s segments as being WWE-Like.  They are!

Also, why do you think it is when you make valid criticisms of what AEW is doing, some people say you are attacking them?

I think in some cases, people want to believe what they believe and prefer to be ignorant to anything outside of that belief.  When I talk about long term viability of AEW, they hear criticism.  In fact, I am offering suggestions that I think will improve the product’s chances of getting that big money TV deal that they are looking for.  I look down the road, a lot of people look at what is in front of their face.

Since Nick Foles has been such a failure for the Jacksonville Jaguars do you think Tony Khan will do what Ted Turner did with El Gigante and turn him into a wrestler?

That is so wrong.  Foles won my Philadelphia Eagles a Super Bowl!  I shouldn’t have laughed at that but I won’t lie, I did.

In the past,  you've sometimes criticized WWE for not doing a good job of building toward PPV's/making fans want to watch.  Isn't it fair to say that Ring of Honor isn't giving fans much of a reason to buy Final Battle given how the TV show hasn't been building storylines, matches out of order, etc?

I am critical about any company expects us to spend money on a show and they don’t “talk us into the building”.  So from that perspective yes sir, the build for Final Battle has not been as good as it’s been in the past.

With Randy Orton challenging the Rock to a match a Wrestlemania and Seth Rollins’ repeated challenges to CM Punk, do you think the talent are grasping for high profile matches because creative have no long term Wrestlemania plans?

I think at this point it’s more that the talent is just having fun on social media.  If they were talking to talents that were signed to the company, maybe it would be groundwork for a match but that isn’t the case at this point.

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