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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-07 10:00:00

So, if he's admitting he signed now, why did John Morrison deny your report he signed in September to begin with?  Are you mad Ryan Satin ducked around saying your name on WWE Backstage?

Hennigan signed in late August or early September.  We confirmed and reported on 9/26.  At the time, John Hennigan's response was done to be funny and to try and make people think my report was wrong, but never actually denied he signed with WWE, nor did anyone, because again, the report was 100% correct.  Honestly, I never cared, because I knew it was correct and I thought Hennigan was pretty funny.  I can't get upset at a magician who trying to weave magic and take attention away from how he does his tricks.  I did my job and I let my work speak for itself.  I look forward to interviewing Hennigan down the line because every time we've sat down with him, he's been a great interview. 

As far as Ryan Satin, he's just reading the format or script he's given, as any performer would do.  That would be like getting angry at Charly Caruso for her line of questioning on Raw.  He's just doing what he's told to do and if it was Dave Scherer or Jason Powell or the late Gene Okerlund or anyone in that role, that's all they'd be doing as well.  Satin's not really "breaking news" when he's appearing in that forum - not in a real, journalistic sense because there will never be a case of Satin (or anyone) going on WWE Backstage and breaking news that WWE doesn't approve of them discussing.  That's the nature of beast.  I don't think anyone expects that series to actually be a legitimate journalistic show and it shouldn't be judged as if it is one.  It's simply an extension of the WWE storyline production itself with some insider terminology and a looser discussion format (such as a the great chat with Seth Rollins this past Tuesday).  So, no, not mad.  It would be silly to get mad at that segment.

When will WWE report their final quarter earnings for 2019?

Last year, it was early February, so I would assume it will be around then.

I don't understand why WWE is launching a free version of the Network but paid subscribers can't watch the content?

Well, a lot of that content that is being made free is content the Network subscribers are already paying for, just clipped or repurposed.  The idea here is to basically use the free version as something of a barker channel to try and convince fans to pay for the Network outright.

Why does WWE continue to edit out music on the Network?

The rights for the music expired or they acquired content (such as ECW and WCW) where the music rights didn't convert over - or they simply don't want to pay the royalty fees.

With CM Punk back with WWE, sort of, who's the next great hope that fans can look to and wonder what would happen if they return?

Honestly, unless someone else steps away from pro wrestling, I don't think there is a "hope left."  Everyone had better hope that someone develops the next big iconic star and stop looking to the past for something to prop up their next big show/attraction/match.  At this point, reycling the past is, more than ever, going to result in the law of diminishing returns.

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