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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-06 10:00:00

Is the rumor that WWE is preventing AEW stars from appearing at the same wrestling conventions as WWE stars true?

No one will ever go on the record and state this publicly, but the impression I have is that it is.  If you are a convention promoter and you book someone under contract to WWE (such as Undertaker) and if you have AEW talents at the same convention, even if a third-party vendor brings them in, you run the risk of losing your booking with WWE-related talent.  No matter what is said, it's always going to be a promotional war and WWE will make moves to do what they see as protecting themselves and hindering the others side.

Why doesn't AEW hire Jimmy Hart to do their music?   I think it would help them a lot.

I don't know that Hart, who has a WWE Legends contract, could legally do music for another wrestling company, but I'd love to see some new songs from Hart.  ROH recently used Jim Johnston for a PCO theme and it added a lot to him.

When you go and cover a Wrestlemania or a Summerslam weekend, does WWE cover your flight or hotel?

No.  I've never had WWE pay for or even reimburse me for any event I've ever covered.  I pay for my own travel and hotel when I am on the road, just like any independent contractor does.  At times, WWE provides press passes, but beyond that, everything is out of pocket and if I travel for a weekend, it's for the good of the site, nothing more.

Who was the Gobbledy Gooker?  You mentioned him in a recent Q&A and I have zero idea who it was?  Was he actually supposed to wrestle?

It was Hector Guerrero.  I would think they might have tried that at some point, but no idea if the Gooker was created to be an in-ring character or just a mascot.  My gut says mascot as it always appeared to be WWE's answer to the San Diego Chicken.

Whatever happened to Impact's mascot Stomper?

They sent him to that big stomping farm upstate.  Actually, I have no idea what happened to the suit.  I'd like to think Anthem has it somewhere and they make Josh Mathews run around in it, but I really have zero idea.  It could be being used as a scarecrow on Dixie Carter's property in TN for all we know.



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