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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-05 12:46:00

The "free" WWE Network tier quietly launched this afternoon.

The free tier is available at but will only be shown if an active subscriber is logged out of their WWE Network subscription.

The free videos are appearing in the "recently added" carousel and are mostly made up on WWE YouTube videos.  We are told that will change over time.

Other Carousels currently featuring free WWE Network tier content include WWE Top Ten. NXT Highlights, Recent WWE Highlights, WWE Network Pick of the Week, Watch Full Matches and more.

This is a very early, unannounced rollout designed to beta test the free tier and find any potential issues with it before the company officially unveils its launch.

As broke this morning, the free launch was scheduled for sometime in the next week.  There had been plans to unveil the complete, tiered WWE Network (including a $14.99 premium tier that would include independent wrestling) around January 2020, but there is no word whether that is still the correct timetable for such a launch.

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