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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-03 13:18:00

WWE announced in a website article that NXT talent Brendan Vink is coming into EVOLVE.  We are told this is planned to be an extended run to give him some additional ring time and experiences, similar to what WWE and EVOLVE did with the Street Profits in the past and are doing now with Babatunde and Reina Gonzalez, among others. 

WWN/EVOLVE is currently working on locking in plans for Wrestlemania 36 weekend in Tampa, Florida.  There will be 10-12 shows, tentatively, under the WWN banner that weekend with NXT talents involved in many of the shows.

WWE has not only continued to send over Performance Center talents over to EVOLVE but have taken a bigger role in promoting EVOLVE in general.   This weekend's EVOLVE event in Chicago, scheduled to be headlined by WWE UK Champion WALTER vs. EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs, was promoted on the Titantron at NXT Takeover in Chicago.  NXT's Twitter account has also been more active in promoting EVOLVE of late.

There will be a number of EVOLVE talents getting NXT dark matches and Performance Center tryouts in the near future, including talents who earned such opportunities at recent EVOLVE tryout seminars.

Timothy Thatcher returns to EVOLVE this weekend.  The hope is to have him back more often, but as of right now, he is only locked in for this weekend.  He has an open invite to work for the promotion whenever he desires.

There are some EVOLVE roster changes planned following this weekend's events.

No word yet on additional WWE Network specials but talks are certainly ongoing for 2020.

Club WWN at is giving new subscribers their first month for free, so if you sign up, you can watch this weekend's EVOLVE events for free.  The one month free offer is good for this week, so if you are interested, do not delay.  The promotion also has holiday sales on DVDs, blu-rays, gear, VODs if you want to mention that  

EVOLVE released the following matches for free online:



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