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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-03 15:21:00

With the announcement of AEW's PPV deal with InDemand today, the natural question is when the next show will be.  We are told February or March 2020 are most likely  January is 100% not scheduled to feature a PPV.

Magen Boys Entertainment Inc. in Canada has filed to trademark "Soul Train Jones", the name Virgil has been using on AEW TV, on 11/20, citing that he first used the name in 1986.

Jim Ross' second autobiography is slated to be released on 3/30/20, titled Under the Black Hat: My Life in the WWE and Beyond.  Promotional material for the book notes, "From legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross comes a candid, colorful memoir about the inner workings of the WWE and the personal crises he weathered at the height of his career.  Jim Ross has been the beloved voice of the WWE—and now All-Elite Wrestling—for decades, but there is so much more to the man than fans know. In this follow-up to his 2017 memoir Slobberknocker, Ross shares the story of professional wrestling’s rise from a quirky sideshow to a multi-billion-dollar industry in the 1990s and 2000s.  Under the Black Hat is packed with stories from the height of WWE madness, including Ross’s nurturing of global talents like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena. It traces the fracture of Ross’s relationship with Vince McMahon, his triumphant return to Wrestlemania 32, and the heartbreaking challenges he suffered behind the scenes, include multiple debilitating bouts of facial paralysis and the sudden, tragic death of his wife, Jan.  For all its larger-than-life characters, Ross’s story is endearingly human in scale, turning a gruff but gentle eye to themes of professional ennui, ageism, disability, and grief. Told with heart, humor, and unfailing honesty, Under the Black Hat is a gift, not only for his many lifelong fans, but for the new ones he’s sure to find."

The Young Bucks are also working on an official autobiography.

AEW released the following new t-shirts:

Santana & Ortiz | "A Lil Bit Of The 40oz." T-shirt

MJF | "My Hanukkah Is Better.." Sweater

The Dark Order | "Join The Dark Order" T-Shirt

The Elite | "Elite Christmas" Sweatshirt

With Joey Janela vs. Jon Moxley set for Wednesday's AEW Dynamite, AEW has released their match from Fyterfest online:

MJF tweeted:

AEW also released the following video showing the behind the scenes of their Superfan calling some of the action in Chicago: 

#AEW Superfan Surprise -- Chicago

A number of Special Olympic athletes were recognized at the Chicago taping last week:

Jon Moxley was interviewed about Renee Young's response to his death match with Kenny Omega and more:

Thanks to Paul Jordan.

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