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By Anthony Pires on 2019-12-02 21:00:00

We begin with highlights of last week’s Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal match with Lethal going heel in support of Gresham.  Lethal and Gresham have made their intention clear: They want the ROH World Tag Team Title.  The match has been signed for Final Battle.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay are your hosts.

Josh Woods & Silas Young vs Coast 2 Coast (Eli Ison and Shaheem Ali) vs. The Bouncers (Brawler Milonas and The Beer City Bruiser vs. The Sons of Savagery

Woods starts off with LSG reversing arm twists and hiplocks.  Woods gets a 2 count with a roll up.  Woods gets a series of 2 counts with amateur rollups.  Young tags in and hits an elbow.  LSG is able to drag Young to his corner and tag out to Ali.  Young with a series of headlock takedowns, rollup for 2.  Milonas blind tags in, misses a legdrop.  Milonas reverses a whip and follows Ali into the corner with a splash, tags out to Bruiser.  Ali with a chop and back elbow followed by a superkick.  Bruiser drops him and gets a 2.  Bruiser with punches and a bite to the forehead (of course, Bruiser can’t bite, he ain’t got no teeth).  We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Sons of Savegery work over the Bruiser in their corner.  Moses misses a Vader bomb but Khan is able to stop Bruiser from tagging out.  Bruiser with a DDT on the Sons and tags in Milonas.  Milonas runs from corner to corner hitting everyone with punches and avalanches.  Samoan drop by Bruiser.  Milonas with a standing back plunge for 2.  LSG and Woods tag in and Young and Woods immediately hit the elevated elbow for 2, broken up by Khan.  SOS work over Woods and hit a flapjack DDT for 2.  SOS throws Young into the barricade.  Milonas with a dive off the apron on SOS and Ali meets them all with a dive over the top.  LSG follows up with a dive off the top rope on to everyone on the outside.  Bruiser climbs the rope but Woods catches him with a superplex to the outside onto everyone.  Woods is fired up. 

Back inside the ring, Woods with a German to Khan for 2.  Ali with a kick to Woods.  Bruiser with a beer city DDT.  Referee has lost all control over who the legal man is at this point.  LSG with a springboard on Bruiser.  Young and Bruiser go face to face.  SOS attacks them both.  SOS with a double choke slam on Bruiser.  Woods gets involved with a running knee on SOS.  Milonas with a huge clothesline on Woods.  Coast to Coast with a series of corner splashes and superkicks on Milonas.  Young attacks and shoots LSG into a running knee from Woods for the pin.

WINNERS: Silas Young and Josh Woods

We get Thanksgiving wishes from various ROH stars followed by a commercial for Shane Taylor Promotions.

Shane Taylor talks about Final Battle and his title defense against Dragon Lee.  Shane cuts a very real promo about what that title means to him as he enters his 13th title defense.

Ian and Quinn are back talking about the partnership between Joe Hendry and Dalton Castle.  We see video highlights of their early troubles.

It’s time for a video feature on ROH World Champion RUSH

Sumie Sakai and Jenny Rose vs. Angelina Love and Mandy Leon (no disqualification)

The match breaks out into a brawl as The Allure make their way to the ring.  Jump to Sumie and Jenny with a double suplex on Leon for 2.  Jump to the Allure working over their opponents with stomps in the corner.  Jump to Sakai slumped in a chair as The Allure connect with a double dropkick.  Sakai grabs a Darryl plush toy form ringside and hits the Allure with it.  BRainbuster by Sakai on a chair on Love for 2.  Love with a suplex on Leon on the sgtage.  Sakai misses a moonsault on the chair.  Jump to Sakai missing with a Darryl swing and a Botox Injection kick for the pin.

WINNERS: Mandy Leon and Angelina Love

Love attempts to cut a promo post match but the Maneater Maria Manic comes down and takes the mic and tells Love that she’s dead at Final Battle.

Four Corners Match: Kenny King (with Amy Rose) vs Ultimo Guerrero vs. PJ Black vs. Eli Isom

Isom and Black with the code of honor.  King and Black square off, Isom attacks King but King slips into a half crab on Isom as we go to commercial.

We’re back with Guerrero with a shoulder block on Isom.  Guerrero misses a clothesline, Isom with one of his own and sends Guerrero into the corner.  Guerrero backdrops Isom to the apron off of the charge.  Guerrero dropkicks Isom to the floor and excahnges chops with King.  Guerrero with a dropkick on King then a clothesline on Black.  Isom re enters and hits a clothesline on Black.  Isom and Black with a double hip toss on King.  Isom and Black with a suicida on Guerrero and King.  Isom and Black now go at it.  A double cross block sends them both down.  King attacks both with kicks.  Guerrero, in the midst of taking out King and Black with chops, gets hit by a dropkick from Isom.  Isom with a sidewinder suplex on King.  Isom with a springboard moonsault to Black and Guerrero as we go to commercial.

We’re back with Isom, Guerrero and Black exchanging chops on the floor.  From out of nowhere, King with a running dive off the stage onto all three.  Pittsburgh is definitely enjoying this.  Amy Rose trips Black as he tries to stop King on the top rope.  King goes for a double stomp but Isom stops him and hits a superplex as Black recovers to hit a powerbomb on Isom.  Guerrero with a face first suplex on Black for 2.  Superkick by Isom on Guerrero for 2.  DDT by Black on Isom.  He follows it up with a moonsault double stomp on Isom for the pin.


We get a rundown of the Final Battle Card as we go to credits

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