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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-03 10:00:00

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Just read Dave's response to question about "the Corey Grave's situation". I'm not too familiar with what happened since it wasn't covered on your site (unless it was on the Elite line) but from what gathered he tweeted “Just for the record guys, I know you wouldn’t know it, but there’s actually a WWE Hall of Famer AND a former Ring of Honor Champion on commentary. I’d imagine they have a lot to offer. ????‍?? #NXTTakeoverWarGames,” which is the most innocuous tweet.  We live in a world where more than half the people suffer from aniexty and depression issues. Are we to walk around on eggs shells at every work place? Unfortuntely we (Corey included) can't be responsible for how other people respond to harmless comments. So my question... is there more to the situation that I am unware of? and if not why does Dave think Corey should have to go on an apology tour over it?

It's about two things, being professional and having empathy.  To rip a peer on social media is just not a professional thing to do.  It's classless and tacky.  If Corey was "working an angle" for his podcast, he should have clued Mauro in first and ask him if he was OK with it.  But, he didn't.  Also, Mauro doesn't suffer from "anxiety and depression", as you stated.  He is Bi-Polar.  You can look up the condition to get a better understanding of it.  To answer your last question no, I don't think Graves needs to an apology tour.  I think he needs to do an actual apology, to the person he was a jerk to, and then stop the jerk behavior going forward.  That simple.

So since the status quo of Brock holding the top Raw championship has been restored, who would you give the rub to to take him down at Wrestlemania?   The top three Babyfaces on Raw I think are Rusev, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton(?).  Do you throw Orton a bone after Summerslam 2016, or take a chance on how popular Rusev or KO have become right now? Or maybe have him finally drop the title to Roman to complete a Wrestlemania trilogy?  Or call Matt Riddle over to Raw and have him take down the beast?  Or is there someone I didn’t mention who would be a good Mania matchup that should beat him? 

I don’t like the idea of having Orton do it, since he is an older guy himself and doesn’t need the rub.  Given the storyline that Rusev is in, I don’t think it would get over if it were him since a lot of people are groaning at the sex stuff her is doing.  I like the idea of them ramping up Kevin Owens and having him do it.  Whoever it is, it should be someone that is getting the rocket strapped to them, in the right way.  Seth Rollins beat Lesnar but then got booked really badly in the angle with Becky Lynch and lost a lot of momentum.

We’ve seen Brock lose in 90 second squashes, we’ve seen him lose in matches where the Babyfaces spam their finishers for a Couple minutes, we’ve seen him lose against Rollins in a hard fought edge of your seat match at Summerslam.  Is the only fresh way left to beat Brock is for someone to throttle him?  Not squash him, but have a war like his 2015 matches against Undertaker where the last few minutes of it shows Brock unable to answer asskicking that this badass babyface is laying down on him before the babyface finally puts him away for the win.  Brock is a good seller and this kind of finish could make his opponent look like a world beater.

I think at this point, while that kind of win would be shocking, it may actually be too shocking.  I would rather see him have a good ten minute war where the other guy is just the better man, and gets the rub that way.

Is MJF still really green in the ring?  I'll admit he's a great talker, but I've seen him do next to nothing from an in-ring standpoint.  He beat Hangman Page this week on Dynamite and had only a couple offensive moves.

He is definitely not green and can wrestle.  I love the way AEW is using him, getting over the character.  There is plenty of time for moves later.  Right now they are getting people to care about, and hate, him.  To me, that is way more important than showing us what moves he has in his arsenal.

I was reading Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer and it was kind of implied that due to the comment he made and the flack around it this could be the final straw for Jim Cornette getting a steady job in the wrestling business.  If that is so, what would or could he do for a living since he is far from being retired from anything? I don't see him as a kick back and do next to nothing kind of guy.  He has been such a fixture in wrestling in one form or the other I honestly can't see him doing anything else (not that he couldn't, mind you).

Cornette has always been open that he hates to fly.  He prefers to drive.  I am betting that hasn’t changed as he has gotten older.  He’s 58 years old and has been fine with being outside of the business over the years.  What will his next chapter be?  I don’t know, but probably something that he enjoys doing.  I don’t know his financial situation but I believe he has been smart with his money over the years.  Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy security.

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