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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-03 08:15:00

Josh Mathews brought ODB to the ring, talking about the issues she has faced with her food truck burning down.  ODB said it was good to be home.  She said the last few months have been rough.  For three years, she's been food trucking around the country and doing it all herself.  She said the night she got the phone call that the truck was on fire, it was horrible.  It was something she built for life after wrestling.  She said that seeing everything that she built from ground up was horrible but then thought, "Well, I have insurance...." and said her insurance company can kiss her ass.  She said that her insurance turned out to the fans and the wrestling world.  It was so touching to her to see how much she truly was loved.  She said that Impact has always been her home and it means so much that the company wanted to help her.

Taya Valkyrie came out and said it's so sad to see what's happened to ODB,  She mocked her and called herself the greatest Knockouts Champion of all time, bragging about being the longest reigning in history.  She said that this is her show.  She said she spends more money on spilled Mimosas than ODB spends on the hot dog water she calls BBQ sauce.  She said she's going to be nice and donate to ODB's fundraising campaign so ODB can have a fire extinguisher to stop her food truck from burning down like her career.  ODB punched her and nailed a running Avalanche splash in the corner.  John E. Bravo pulled Taya to safety.

Good angle.

Brian Cage vs. Eddie Edwards

They brawled in the ring.  Edwards sent him to the floor and went for a pescado.  Cage caught him and went for a powerbomb but it was turned into a rana on the floor.  They battled on the floor.  Cage pulled Edwards into the ring with a suplex off the ropes.  He worked over Eddie, who came back and hit a sit-down powerbomb.  They kept battling until Michael Elgin hit the ring and clotheslined both.

This was a pretty damn good match until the run-in...wait...They just announced it will now be a three-way.

Everyone battled,  Edwards hit a dive to the outside on Elgin.    Cage nailed a top con hilo and landed on his feet, wiping out both.  They returned to the ring, where they kept breaking up pinfalls on each other.  They all started throwing each other with suplexes.  All were down but recovered.  Edwards hit a rana off the top but Cage caught him and went for a suplex on Elgin.  Edwards drilled him.  Edwards dropkicked Elgin off the apron to the floor.    Elgin hit a twisting moonsault off the top to the floor on his opponents.  Elgin nailed a series of clotheslines on Cage.  He placed him on the top for a superplex.  Edwards slid under for a powerbomb.  He was kicked off.  Cage fought off Elgin.  Edwards nailed an enziguiri.  Edwards locked on a half crab on Cage.  Elgin began beating Edwards with forearms but he wouldn't release the hold.  Edwards locked him in a half crab.  Cage nailed a pump handle suplex on Edwards for a two count.  Elgin caught Cage with a back suplex for a two count.  Elgin took control with big power moves on each but couldn't score the pinfall.  Edwards took control of the match but Elgin nailed him with a big uranage. Elgin and Cage drilled each other with clotheslines.  Edwards hit a tornado on Elgin.  Cage nailed Edwards with a clothesline and everyone was down.  The crowd chanted, "Impact Wrestling!"  Cage nailed a big elbow in the corner and went to the top for a rana but was crotched by Elgin.  Elgin went a move, knocking Cage into the ropes.  Elgin and Edwards battle.    Elgin killed him with a big lariat.  He hit a powerbomb on Eddie into Cage in the corner.  Elgin hit a sit-down powerbomb on Edwards and scored the pin.

Your winner, Michael Elgin!

The match was very good once they got going, although making it a three-way makes zero logical sense.  The crowd was into all the big spots and near falls.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Reno Scum vs. The Rascalz

All action early on, very fast paced.   Dez was worked over by Scum for a long time.  Trey made the hot tag and cleaned house.  He went for a dive but Austin drilled him with a kick as he came through the ropes.  The Rascalz triple teamed Austin and it turned into dive city.  Finally, one of the Rascalz was rolled up with the tights hooked for the pin.

Your winners, Ace Austin & Reno Scum!

This was fun and had way too much to keep up with.

Johnny Swinger vs. Petey Williams

They faced off. Williams nailed a big dropkick but was cut off and beaten with right hands.  Williams came bac with a Russian leg sweep and nailed several kicks.  He went after Swinging in the corner but was sent into the buckles.   Williams came back to lock in the Sharpshooter and got the submission immediately.

Your winner, Petey Williams!

Way shorter than I'd expected.  Swinger is great in his character role.

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes came to the ring.  Forbes introduced RVD.  They made out in the ring, to a ridiculous degree.  He said that as the biggest star in professional wrestling, he feels obligated to explain some of his recent actions.  But, the fans wouldn't understand it, unless you had everyone, everywhere wanting to act like you.  If he wasn't RVD, he'd want to be RVD for sure.  He said that everyone is watching all the wrestlers today doing all the RVD moves.  He said that everyone acts as if he hasn't done enough for this industry.

Tommy Dreamer came to the ring.   He said that since Bound for Glory, RVD hasn't returned a text or a call, so he suggests that RVD wrestles Rhino next week with Dreamer being Switzerland as the referee.  He said that they can settle things in the ring like they used to back in the day in Queens.  RVD said Dreamer is living in the past.  Every time all the original hardcore guys get together, everyone gets excited because of ECW, but it's holding RVD back.  Rob said he has to think about himself because he has his girlfriend and his girlfriend's girlfriend to take care of.  That was a great line.  He passes on the match and tries to leave.

Rhino catches RVD in the aisle and tosses him into the ring.  They begin to fight but are held apart by security.   Van Dam leaves as Rhino is held back.  

It will be Rhino vs. RVD with Tommy Dreamer later tonight.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) vs. ODB (non-title)

ODB had control early  but Taya retreated to the floor after a Fallaway slam.  Bravo distracted her but she still caught Taya with a flapjack.  ODB went to the top but was pulled off by Taya, who then nailed a double knee strike.  Taya locked her in a STF but ODB made it to the ropes.  Taya nailed a curb stomp.   ODB was worked over in the corner and beated with strikes.  Taya nailed her with a big chop in the corner then used her boot to smother her in the corner.  Taya placed her on the top but ODB pulled her into her breasts, smothering her, then nailed a series of turnbuckle smashes.  ODB hit an Avalanche splash in the corner, then a bronco buster.  

ODB grabbed her flask to celebrate but Bravo distracted her.  Taya attacked her from behind and stomped and punch ODB down on the mat.  Bravo grabbed the title belt and stood on the entrance ramp but Jordynne Grace grabbed it from him.  That distracted Taya, who was rolled up and pinned.

Your winner, ODB!

Match was OK.  Taya is ridiculously underrated.

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