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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-02 10:00:00

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Based on Lana’s fake-pregnancy promo last Monday, and other recent statements as well, what happened to the accent of the Ravishing Russian?  Did it go to the same place as the credibility of the entire Lana / Rusev / Lashley bad soap opera?  And is it wrong for me to think this story line has Vince’s “let’s go back to 1985” cheesy, intelligence-insulting, fingerprints all over it?  While I understand WWE is not written or marketed to appeal to Mensa members, why are some story arcs, like this one, so d@mn stupid?

Lana’s character has moved on, which often means we get no explanation.  Vince is always in charge so his fingerprints are always on what you see.  People pitch ideas but he makes the final call.

Was someone at the WWE asleep at the wheel? How did the trademarks for old PPV not get renewed?  Even if they had/have no intention of using them currently shouldn’t they have protected their asset?

They are protected in that WWE owns the rights to use them on the Network for the shows they own.  They obviously didn’t feel the need to keep the trademarks and didn’t think it was something worth doing financially.  Honestly, I don’t blame them.  When you talking about names from decades ago, the value often isn’t there anymore.  In 2019, what does BattleBowl or Bash At the Beach really mean anyway?  Without money and marketing behind it, it’s just a name from the past.

Though you could say it's a fortunate incident, I think we've proven that WWE is much better with stiff competition. My question is about the current WWE product. Hotshotting the territory, or waking up and working hard (as they should be all the time)? 

I will say neither.  They aren’t hotshotting anything.  They have worked to try to establish NXT as a viable third brand, and who knows how that would have gone had the WWE plane not gotten grounded in Saudi Arabia.  Whether we like what they are doing or not, they always work hard.  But with that said, AEW coming along has definitely had an effect on the product, and I am appreciative of that.

Can you speak to when Mark "Undertaker" Calaway's wrestling debut actually occurred? Calaway himself said on the November 24 'Broken Skull Sessions' that the popular date of 1984 is false, that he didn't even begin training until two years later. Several sites of questionable reliability say he first stepped into the ring in 1987. Taker pretty much said it was 1987 so I will believe him.  I am sure he knows when he started wrestling.

Any chance HHH steps in and tells Corey to back off? I don’t know if he hasn't already because isn't he technically interfering with Hunter's vision, plus the NXT fans love Mauro. 

I don’t know whether he has or not either but if I were him, or other managers in the company for that matter, I would have along talk with Graves and tell him he is on double secret probation, except it’s not a secret.  Next time he does something like this will be the last time he does it for my company.  It’s not like he can’t be replaced.  Plus there is no place for what he did in a professional company.

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