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By Case Lowe on 2019-11-30 23:50:00



Rory Storm def. Reilly McGwire in 4:09 

ACE AUSTIN & CLAYTON GAINZ DEF. TRAVIS TITAN & JAKE LANDERS in 8:32 after a tag team combination. Clayton Gainz would be a perfect addition to the Impact roster. He has a TV-ready look and is capable enough to not embarrass himself in big situations. Titan and Landers, who made their AAW debut here, got a big applause from the audience after the match. I would not be surprised to see them again.

HAKIM ZANE DEF. MYRON REED in 8:55 with a rollup after Reed missed a springboard 450 Splash. Zane is a true heel and the perfect foil to wrestle Reed, who is over huge in this building. Lots of smart heel wrestling from Zane to counter Reed’s dives. Zane feels very fresh in the current indie landscape. 

KILLER KROSS DEF. JOSH BRIGGS at 11:47 in a grappling-heavy match

CURT STALLION DEF. EDDIE KINGSTON in 9:18 with a headbutt. Stallion and Kingston have been feuding for the better part of this year and this evens their singles match series at 1-1.   


GOOD BROTHER #3 DEF. NICK GAGE in 13:00. This was Nick Gage’s AAW debut and he was as over as anyone in the building. He got a huge standing ovation and a “please come back” chant after a match that featured two doors being broken, multiple chair shots, a staple gun, and a barbed wire bat. Good Brother #3 and his bounty have produced a number of great matches. This was in the four star range if you’re into hardcore wrestling. 

AAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - JOSH ALEXANDER DEF. ACE ROMERO via submission in 10:03 to retain the AAW Heavyweight Championship. This is Alexander’s first successful defense as AAW Champion. Romero comes across like a legitimate star in this building so the match was heated from the start. The two brawled all around the building and traded slaps for a good portion of the match between Romero was caught in an ankle lock and forced to submit 

AAW HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP  - PACO DEF. JAKE SOMETHING in 11:21 to become the NEW AAW Heritage Champion. This was a classic David vs. Goliath match that hit an extra gear after Eddie Kingston ran out and distracted Jake Something. PACO is a homegrown AAW star and this win went over huge in the building. In the range of four and a quarter stars. Outstanding match. 


Before the match can start, Sami Callihan came out and attacked The Besties in the World. Callihan says he and The Rascalz represent the best wrestling company in the world - Impact Wrestling. He insists the crowd stand up and show praise for three signed talents. This leads to ACH coming out. He says “the upper echelon” isn’t as good as AAW and that Danny Daniels is the best promoter in the business. He challenges Sami and The Rascalz to a six-man.

ACH & BESTIES IN THE WORLD def. SAMI CALLIHAN, TREY MIGUEL, & ZACHARY WENTZ in 16:11. On par with the best US indie matches all year, like the PWG six-man from their anniversary show. This would’ve been the talk of the weekend had it happened on Wrestlemania Weekend. This was worked like a Dragon Gate Korakuen main event with lots of brawling at the start, then a number of insane moves for the latter half of the match. Highly recommended. Essential viewing before the end of the year. 

ACH says a lot of people don’t understand what “for the culture” means. He says that people have to understand that this (meaning the AAW crowd) is the culture. He says that billionaire companies can take all the talent they want, but indie wrestling is still going to survive and thrive. ACH says you can take your contracts and shred them and that he won’t sign another one. ACH says it’s Us vs. The Machine and Indie Wrestling vs. The Machine. 

AAW WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP -HAVOK DEF. KRIS STATLANDER at 10:15. Havok used her size and strength to defeat the agile Statlander. A fine way to close out the show. 

AAW announced the following for December: 

*Fatu vs. Josh Alexander for the AAW Heavyweight Championship 

*Hakim Zane vs. PAC for the AAW Heritage Championship  

*David Starr & Eddie Kingston vs. Curt Stallion & Jake Something


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