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By Dave Scherer on 2019-12-01 10:00:00

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So it seemed like the live crowds "flattened out" from an energy standpoint a couple of times this weekend, how much of that do you think is audience burn out from performing in the same arena in front of what I'm guessing is a large segment of the same crowd for 4 straight nights? I mean, I get the upsides of doing 4 shows in 4 days in the same building (production and travel costs, saves a lot of "grind" on the crew and wrestlers, who I'm sure would much rather face this problem rather than the "fly to Saudi, fly back to the US, and then turn back around for a European tour" problem) but isn't there a fairly large "law of diminishing returns" especially by the time they get to Raw on Monday night? 

Oh yeah, when you run four shows in the same building that is what can happen.  There is definitely overflow in the crowds, though there are people that only go to one show, for various reasons.  But with that said, I totally get why they did it.  It’s more cost effective and so much better for the talent.  I would make the same call if I were them.  

Related question: isn't it kind of a bad idea for AEW to then run the same town a day removed from a 4 day weekend of WWE shows? Won't the face basically the same problem, with none of the benefits?

I guess it depends on how you look at it.  If AEW looks at it like they have a totally different fan base than any WWE product, then it wouldn’t matter to them what WWE does.  Me?  I wouldn’t have chose Chicago this past week.  And since they didn’t come close to selling out Dynamite, they may want to rethink the strategy as well.

So, I watched the debut of The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny on AEW. I’m not completely plugged into the indy scene so I didn’t recognize them at all, except Allie. Love their look, hate their introduction. Excalibur made it seem like the audience know who they were, but it sure didn’t seem like it at all.  Couldn’t a vignette or three have been aired to tease their appearance?  

Yep, that is something that I have said AEW drops the ball on all the time. They just assume people know who all of their talents are when they appear on TV. If a fan doesn't know who they are, they get confused.  They really need to do a better job in character development.  It’s an integral part of the business.

What is your take on one of your competitors saying the only reason Charly Caruso has a job with WWE is because she’s young and cute, and what did you think of what she said about feeling sorry for his wife?

Frankly?  I think it’s way out of line what he said about her.  I was sent the clip.  Had he said, “Charly Caruso is really talented but she only has that job because she is young and cute, that is a requirement to get hired by WWE,” maybe there would have been some wiggle room for him (though I would have still had an issue with him saying it).  But he didn’t say that and frankly, what he did say was BS.  Caruso is extremely talented.  Remember, she works for ESPN too.  Why? Because he is smart, informed, knows what she’s talking about and does a great job on the air.  She paid her dues earning a great reputation for her work long before she came to WWE.  A lot of entertainment outlets look for younger, attractive people (both men and women).  But guess what?  If you are beautiful and you can’t do the job, they almost never hire you (and if they do, you don’t last long).  Given what he said, I don’t blame Charly a bit for firing back at him.  Women have been dealing with that kind of garbage from men for years.  I am glad she called him on it.  If I ever said something like that, I would expect to be called on it too.

What do you think of Corey Graves' apology?

I think it was really, really weak on his part.  First, he should have called Mauro Ranallo and said he was sorry for screwing up.  Second, on his podcast he should have not tried to make an excuse for what he did, he should have just said he was wrong.  He also shouldn’t have used the lame to anyone I may have offended BS.  I lost a lot of respect for him when he tweeted what he did.  I have lost even more more for how he “apologized” for it.

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