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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-30 11:49:00

As we've noted over the last several weeks on, WWE star Matt Hardy has been posting videos under the "Free the Delete" banner.  

Although Hardy returned to WWE TV last week, there is a very good reason as to why he's been releasing the YouTube series. has confirmed with multiple sources that Matt Hardy's current WWE deal is expiring in February 2020.  While the two sides have been in discussions, we are told that how Hardy will be used going forward has been the biggest sticking point in negotiations. 

We are told that it's not a situation where Hardy and WWE are far apart on financial considerations, but that Hardy, realizing that if he signs, it could likely be the final deal of his career, therefore he wants to be used a certain way - which truth be told, is likely not being used as he was on Raw this past week, being brought back simply to put someone over.

Sources indicate that while Hardy has been very thankful to have been able to return to WWE and have the run he and his brother Jeff have enjoyed since Wrestlemania 33, there is no question that WWE didn't capitalize on the "Broken" Matt Hardy persona as much as they could have.  The "Woken" version didn't click and wasn't pushed as hard as Hardy's previous incarnations of the character in Impact Wrestling.  The Hardy Halloween special, which received unanimous positive reviews, was never followed up on the WWE Network.  

If Hardy doesn't sign a new deal, he would be free and clear to perform or sign elsewhere in February 2020.  His brother Jeff, however, would not, as likely WWE added time to his contract due to the leg injury (and subsequent legal issues) that have kept him from performing.  While there is still time for WWE and Hardy to come to terms, he is planning ahead by using YouTube and social media to prepare for his potential return to the independent scene and beyond, obviously, as "Broken" Matt, a persona that he's had phenomenal success with, both from a creative and a merchandise standpoint.

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