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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-30 10:00:00

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Any word on what role ROH or NJPW will have at WrestleMania weekend this upcoming year?

Ring of Honor will be running Lakeland, Florida the night before Wrestlemania, but have not officially announced it.  There's no word on New Japan, but in previous years, they have sent talent to ROH and Wrestlecon.

Any chance of Jushin Liger?

Not wrestling, but signing at a Wrestlecon, certainly that could happen.

What if Jushin Liger retires but Kushin Liger keeps wrestling?

That would be odd, but I guess it's a possibility.

Didn't already report Dave Sahadi was working for Impact?

Yes, we did.  Sahadi's announcement was that he was back working full-time in pro wrestling.  He's been back with Impact for months and months, something we reported immediately when he started earlier this year.

How much do you think WWE is going to regret giving Fox their blessing to hire CM Punk? I was thrilled to see Punk be able to speak his mind without worrying about being punished, but something tells me that Vince isn't the most thick-skinned person when it comes to his product being publicly criticized, on a WWE-branded show much less.

We have heard there are moves FOX has made that WWE hasn't been thrilled with, but with the level of money FOX is paying, WWE should just bite their tongue in my mind.  I really don't think the Punk stuff should matter to them if in the end, they get Punk to come back and perform.  If they are smart, they ignore whatever they see as grating towards them and look at it as potential exposition for an in-ring return, IF that happens.

I really dug the new Intercontinental Championship design (even though I'll always love the classic design). Do you think it's time that the men's tag team belts are well overdue for a redesign as well? I always shake my head whenever the commentators refer to what are essentially giant nickels as "tag team gold".

While I don't feel the Intercontinental title needed a do-over, I'd be happy to see the current Tag Team belts disappear and be replaced.  I was never personally a fan of that look.

Are they really breaking news on the WWE Backstage show or is that stuff WWE is feeding the show?

They are not really breaking news. There will never be a show where they break news that WWE isn't happy with or unaware of.   It's WWE approved content, obviously, and anyone who claims otherwise is either insane, lying, or desperate to hide that fact.  They don't have quotes from Triple H waiting to be read for news that is catching the company off-guard.

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