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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-11-28 22:50:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory”

Season 2, Episode 9

11/28/19 Worcester, MA

The Thanksgiving tradition returns tonight in Worcester: A night chock full of teams striving to survive! The surrounding streets are holiday dark but the White Eagle is lit up for the couple hundred folks packing in for tonight’s wrestle show.

Spotlight Match: Solo Darling defeats Jody Threat with a swinging neckbreaker. Good match here, best Threat has looked so far. Liked Solo going to another finish when Threat powered out at the end.

And we’re liiiiive! Denver Colorado is giving us plenty of warning to stay out of the way as lots of wrestlers will be at ringside tonight. As “Bro Hymn” rings in the evening, the crowd is once again shouting “Free Biff!” to the heavens, or perhaps just Stamford.

Match 1: 3-on-3 ELIMINATION MATCH - Josh Briggs, Anthony Greene, Ava Everett vs. Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando, Max Caster, Bryce Donovan w/ Bobby Jr)

Ava Everett is out dressed like RetroAG so Greene and Briggs are playing the role of the Platinum Hunkies tonight. The Shook Crew debuts a new song, running their opponents down for a couple minutes on the mic. Max Caster says enough to annoy Briggs into booting him in the face for the immediate pin.

Max Caster eliminated by Josh Briggs

Orlando in to stand up to Briggs. Briggs smashes him down and follows with a big splash. Ava wants a piece and tosses Bobby around. Greene leads a “Heaven is a Place on Earth” singalong as he tries to submit Orlando. Greene and Briggs in to hit a backbreaker superkick combo. Donovan saves Orlando and gets into an Ill advised chop battle with Greene. Rope walk springboard crossbody by Greene for a two count. Greene is distracted by Bobby Jr, the stuffed goat. AG getting beat down by Shook Crew until Briggs gets the tag. Briggs with a plex of Orlando into Donovan. Donovan chokeslammed onto Orlando. Greene dives to Donovan. Bobby Jr thrown at them. Orlando thrown off the top to the floor. Ava gets pressed slammed by Briggs to the outside. Back in the ring, Donovan hits a spinning slam for a close two on Ava. Donovan slams Ava again, goes for a cocky pin but Ava crucifixes him for the three.

Bryce Donovan eliminated by Ava Everett

Orlando in immediately to attack but he whiffs a flat splash from the top. The Hunkies tag in for a double superkick and they hit a triple last ride on Orlando for the pin.

Survivors & Winners: Greene, Everett & Briggs

I liked this a lot. Good cohesion and chemistry between these teams tonight and the best I’ve seen Greene/Everett working in the last few weeks. Post-match, Greene hits a GOAT 2 SLEEP on Bobby Jr! Briggs announces the return of Beyond’s Tournament for Tomorrow, starting next week, featuring nothing but New England’s finest independent wrestlers. Greene says he’ll see his friend Briggs in the finals. Yes!

and it’s time for the Discovery Gauntlet! You gotta win it to stay in it! Can Gary Jay hold on for another week?

Match 2: “Stiff Robo Ginger” Gary Jay vs. Aaron Rourke

Handspring forearm across the ring by Rourke and Jay has to go into second gear immediately. Kicks and forearms but Rourke stays ahead and hits a codebreaker off the turnbuckle and starts chopping Jay down. Jay is trying to reverse but Rourke hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Aaron is starting to look winded. He goes for another handspring forearm but Jay catches him with one of his own. Dive to the outside and Jay starts laying into some loud chops. Rourke rolls up and has the tights. Kick out! Jay with a stiff forearm for a two. Rourke hits a hangman’s facebuster owwwwww. Jay misses a double stomp to the apron and Rouke germans him there and rolls him back for a near fall. Strike battle in the center. Rourke with a urange backbreaker and a big fisherman’s DDT. It’s too much and Gary Jay stays down the three.

Winner: Aaron Rourke

This match was really good to watch and this switch was wayyyy out of the blue for me. Sad to see Gary Jay go but he better be back against some of Beyond’s finest in the new few weeks. Rourke on the mic goes full heel as he thanks himself for the win. I don’t know who this guy is but I’m definitely interested to find out more.

Match 3: 4-on-4 ELIMINATION MATCH - Brandon Thurston, Puf, Kevin Blackwood, Megabyte Ronnie vs. Gregory Iron, Atticus Cogar, JJ Garrett, Eddy Only

Puf is out in his new Santa Puf outfit. That heel Thurston wrecks his teammate’s entrance. Iron is introduced as the only wrestler with cerebral palsy. Puf and a Thurston arguing over who goes first. Garret is like AC Slater grafted with Stone Cold’s middle fingers. He tries to overpower Puf but that’s a dumb idea. Thurston in to aggressively work against Only, who more than holds his own. Iron tags in against Megabyte, but his chops and chokes are absorbed by Ronnie. Ronnie stuffs a sandwich down his throat and then hits a people’s elbow while eating a hot dog. What. Iron kicks out. Blackwood and Cogar go toe to toe but he gets shotgun dropkick Ed to the corner and his opponents start taking turns working him over. Puf gets the tag, ring gets cleared, they want to dive but Thurston demands the match return to the ring. Only suplexes him to the outside. Puf with a tope to the outside. Puf gets isolated and eats a lot of offense, including a coast to coast senton for a two count. Chaos. Megabyte gets caught with a double stomp to the back of the neck by Garret for the pin.

Megabyte Ronnie eliminated by JJ Garret

Blackwood in with a neutralizer and a running knee to Garrett

JJ Garret eliminated by Kevin Blackwood

Burning hammer by Only for the pin.

Kevin Blackwood eliminated by Eddy Only.

Thurston in with a brain buster.

Eddy Only eliminated by Brandon Thurston.

Iron and Cogar swarm Thurston. Puf makes the save. Thurston doesn’t want it. Iron with a flatliner on Puf. Cogar with a hangman’s moonsault to Thurston for the pin.

Puf’s alone but they can’t get the big man down. Iron faces down Puf but a Banzai Drop ends the night for him.

Gregory Iron eliminated by Puf.

Strike battle between Puf and Cogar. Puf hits a sitout tombstone for the win!

Sole Survivor and Winner: Puf

Crowd was mostly into this battle but it felt like a long time spent with a lot of folks they’d never seen here before. They love Puf. They hate Thurston. We possibly could have gotten to that bit of story about 6 minutes quicker.

Danhausen is out to say how thankful he is for Team Pazuzu and Effy and WARHORSE but that he hates spicy water, swearing and that bearded idiot Chuck O’Neil who stole his precious Pazuzu kneepad. Chuck O’Neil and Larry Legend are here to confront this head on.

Match 4: Danhausen vs “Cold Steel” Chuck O’Neil (w/ Larry Legend)

God, it’s fun to boo Chuck O’Neil while he tries to cut a promohausen. Several tie ups at the start and Chuck throws Danhausen around. Danhausen gets to the apron and “Tequila” is blaring but Chuck shrugs the first kick of the bit off and slams Danhausen around at ringside. Close call after Danhausen’s springboard German. Chuck slams Danhausen down and wraps up a rear naked choke to put Danhausen out.

Winner: Chuck O’Neil

Chuck doesn’t want to let the hold go and Pinkie Sanchez is out to make the save. While I love the Danhausen spots, it was brilliant and very in character for O’Neil to not get drawn into his mad worldhausen. Good quick match and story beat here as a palate cleanser from the longer previous segment.

Main Event: 5-on-5 ELIMINATION MATCH - Team Beyond (Kris Statlander, Nick Gage, Thomas Santell, Bear Bronson, Bear Boulder) vs. Team IWTV (WARHORSE, Matthew Justice, Dominic Garrini, Kevin Ku, One Called Manders)

Buckle up, friends. This is going to be a war(! Righteous Jesse of Southern Underground Pro is brought into introduce the IWTV all stars. Rich Palladino does the honors for Beyond’s squad. Everyone in Beyond’s teamis wearing Statlander’s face stripes....except Gage. The crowd encourages him to get his stripes. He does. He’s a f***ing alien now. He loves this f***ing galaxy. Ring the bell.

Santell works over Garrini. Gage in to beat up Ku. Gage toe to toe with Manders, gets press slammed and pops up to beat up the cowboy. Bronson dropping elbows and Statlander onto Manders until WARHORSE tags in against the alien. Statlander makes WARHORSE wet willy himself. Double headbutt drops them both and Boulder is in to face Justice. Bear Country squashes him between their chests. Team-wide wild brawl breaks out, spilling out everywhere. Dives to the outside and everyone is dead on the floor. Garrini sets up a large wooden ladder and Justice is up top. Senton from the top of the building to the floor. Jeeeeesus. NDK gets Justice in the ring and almost have him but Garrini & Ku intercept. NDK running wild on Violence is Forever, Gage laying in those foot washes. Santell going for a suplex but Garrini rolls through for a three.

Thomas Santel eliminated by Dominic Garrini

Violence is Forever smashes Gage with a Hart Attack style STO immediately and Ku rolls up for another three. Oh my god! Someone pinned Nick Gage in Beyond!

Nick Gage eliminated by Kevin Ku

Team IWTV is running wild and Kris Statlander is taking a lot of damage from Manders.l and the rest of IWTV. Bear Country tries to help but they are kept at bay on the outside. Statlander finally hits a scissor kick on WARHORSE to tag in Boulder, who goes house. Bronson against VIF and gets hit with a tandem backdrop sitout pwerbomb. Boulder with a double powerslam to ViF. Stacked in the corner, Bear country hits a double cannonball, tags in Statlander for Area 451 and both members of Violence is Forever are eliminated in a tandem pin.

Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku eliminated by Kris Statlander.

Justice throwing chops at the Bears. They try to double charge him but he dodges this time. Justice gets caught doing a running splash by Boulder. Double powerbomb and the Bears hit the elevator drop for the pin.

Matthew Justice eliminated by Bear Bronson

Manders in to clear Boulder. He hits Bronson with a huge lariat for the pin.

Bear Bronson eliminated by One Called Manders

Manders and Boulder start with football tackles and battle chops in the center. Boulder with his own huge lariat. He’s going for a powerbomb but WARHORSE hits a codebreaker and Manders with another lariat to keep the big bear down.

Bear Boulder eliminated by One Called Manders

Statlander with a dropkick from the top to both remaining opponents. Slam and near fall on WARHORSE. Manders with a delay vertical suplex but Statlander fights out. Spinning back lock from Statlander to WARHORSE but he clotheslines her down again. Chop battle as they both hype up. Half Nelson suplex for a near fall on Kris. WARHORSE goes for a double stomp but Statlander powerbombs him out of the sky. Suplex onto the knees for a close two. Manders tags in preventing Statlander from successfully rolling up WARHORSE. Manders sets up Statlander for WARHORSE to hit the top rope double stomp for the pin.

Survivors and Winners: WARHORSE and One Called Manders

Man, the crowd did NOT like Kris Statlander losing here. Overall wild match, I think it was paced way better than the 4v4. Crowd was pretty hot throughout this. Plenty of big spots. I hope we don’t waste Nick Gage’s first legit loss in a long time here, this should not be underplayed or forgotten in future shows. WARHORSE is on the mic to put over all his opponents. He reminds every one that Erick Stevens and David Starr have called him out over the last few months. WARHORSE says one of them better step in the ring against him on New Year’s at Heavy Lies The Crown.

WARHORSE is basking in the cheers for this prospective match and Manders clubs him down and holds him down for a visual pinfall. Looks like someone else wants that IWTV title too.

And that’s it for the Thanksgiving edition of Uncharted Territory! Lot of angles happening here tonight. Watch the main event for all the wild action. Aaron Rourke brings SOMETHING to Beyond, we’ll see how that develops in the weeks to come. Chuck O’Neil continues to be amazingly booable, though I do love that Danhausen.

Matches for Next Week: Tournament For Tomorrow kicks off with first rounds matches for Briggs and Greene, Leyla Hirsch vs AC Mack, Jay Freddie vs Brandon Thurston (for real this time?), Pazuzuhausen vs NDK, John Silver vs Jake Atlas.

Until next time!

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