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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-28 09:46:00

Is WWE involved with the Bruno Sammartino documentary you wrote about?

No, this is an independent production that Bruno and his family had involvement in before his passing that the producers had been working on for many, many years.  Miz and John Cena were interviewed for the film, but WWE is not a partner in the project.

Whatever happened to the Big Show's TV show?

It is on the way.  They filmed the first season already in Los Angeles and are waiting for it to debut on Netflix.

Do you think Jim Cornette should be done in pro wrestling?

No, because if you ask Jim, he's in the Jim Cornette business and stopped working in pro wrestling when he left Ring of Honor.  I don't think one nine-second, terribly, outdated 1980s joke is going to prevent Jim from doing whatever he wants to do next. I didn't like the joke, but I don't think it should mean he shouldn't be allowed to go make a living in the genre he's made a living around since he was a teenager.   If someone doesn't want to support him or what he's working on because of it, that's their choice.  Members of the audience reacted to the line - Cornette left the NWA.  Cornette apologized to anyone who was offended by the joke.  Cause and effect.  Story over.  

Should Dave Lagana be fired because the line made it on air?

He should, but only if he was specifically told to take the line out and didn't.  That would be his sin there.  However,  that doesn't appear to be the case.  All signs are it was human error.  He and whoever else approved the show obviously didn't catch the line.  That is literally, the definition of human error.  We aren't talking about a massive production with 100 people working on it.  We are talking about a small group editing the show and approving it, and well, people make mistakes.  They pulled the show immediately and removed the line and apologized.  I don't know what else Lagana and the NWA were supposed to do?  Shut down?  They addressed it. Cornette left.  They move on.    To say the person who has put all his energy into the NWA to help make it work should be fired for a short line, that was left in by error, that seems like using a battleship to kill a codfish - completely ridiculous.

What do you do on a day like Thanksgiving or Christmas if a major news story breaks?

I go to work.  The good thing is that PWInsider HQ is wherever my laptop is, and there's been lots of times we've broken or covered stories from in the air, on planes, in arenas, in trains, and I even once posted a story while standing on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.  If we have wifi, we can post.  Hopefully nothing crazy happens, but if it does, my extended family understands the business I am in and that's not and never will be a 9-5 situation where the doors close at a certain time. 

You were talking with Les Thatcher on your audio about wrestlers leaving family to work shows on Thanksgiving - would you do that if you had to?

If I had to go cover a show, yes, but obviously I would prefer to be home - but I would do what the job dictates.




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