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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-25 10:00:00

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This may sound odd, but could WALTER’s early elimination have been set up to gauge his popularity  with the non-NXT UK fan base?  

My gut feeling is it was just the opposite, they didn’t think he would have the fan reaction that they did so they figured he was expendable.  As it turned it, that wasn’t the case, which is great.  WALTER is awesome.  I love his work.  He is a must watch talent for me.

Watched Survivor Series and thought it was a better PPV when compared to most recent PPV’s, with all three brands having distinct writing teams/producers, who did what on the great booking of Survivor Series?

It all goes through Vince McMahon.  He had the final say.  All three shows offered input but it all runs through him.

Do PWI employees that post on the site consider themselves journalists? If so, why isn’t neutrality demonstrated (e.g. several posts have opinions from an PWI employee showing anti AEW sentiments and hate on Rey Mysterio Jr)? Shouldn't news stories and show/PPV reports have play by play without opinions? Understandable that now a days journalists are biased (most news channels pull for a certain party and sports journalists show preference) but I don't recall PWI being like this a few years ago. One thing to make clear, Im not talking about all PWI employees, mainly one and it’s not you, Mike Johnson.

So wait a second, if it’s not Mike Johnson, you must mean me!  Like myself, Mike Johnson considers himself a journalist when he is reporting a news story.  I would guess Mike would tell you that the articles where we voice our opinions are blogs (which by nature are about opinions) and in Q and A’s (where people ask our opinion).  The funny thing is what you see as “hate” is just someone having a different opinion.  The only “hate” I have ever mentioned where Rey is concerned is that at his size, he’s not believable in a match against big guys.  Guess what?  WWE agrees! That is why they did the stipulation at Sunday’s PPV, to make it more believable that he would have a shot against Brock Lesnar.  As for AEW, you are clearly like a subset of their fan base that just isn’t honest and fair about the product.  You think they do everything right and when someone doesn’t agree, you say they are haters.  That’s sad my friend.  Plus, you are not helping the product.  They need to know where they are losing people.  They don’t need to be told everything is great when they are down 500,000 viewers from their first show.

Was Eric Bischoff hired by WWE to prevent AEW from hiring him?

No, not at all.  He was hired by WWE to help with the move of Smackdown to FOX because they thought he was the man for the job.  Guess what?  He could be hired by AEW right now.  So nope, that is a conspiracy theory.

Why is Corey Graves allowed to criticize another employee of WWE, Mauro, in social media? Do wrestlers address these type of issues amongst themselves and hold the offender responsible with certain “discipline”?

Good question.  In my opinion he should not be allowed to do so.  He is part of a publicly traded company, plus it’s really unprofessional for him to go on Twitter and take a cheap shot at another announcer.  If it were me, I would tell him that is the last time he does something crappy like that.  If he does it again, he’s fired.  Generally, wrestlers police themselves, not the announcers.  

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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