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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-03 13:35:00

The first 31 guests have been officially announced for Wrestlecon 2020, being held over Wrestlemania 36 weekend in Tampa, Florida.

Set for the gathering thus far:

*Arn Anderson 

*Road Warrior Animal 

*The Boogeyman 

*Ted Dibiase 

*Kevin Nash

*The Honky Tonk Man 

*Bushwacker Luke 

*Colt Cabana

*Joey Ryan

*Impact Wrestling Champion Sami Callihan

*Dean Malenko 

*Magnum TA 

*Teddy Long 

*Mick Foley 

*Barbara Blank (AKA Kelly Kelly) 

*Candice Michelle 

*Tenille Dashwood 

*Alicia Atout 

*RJ City

*Ethan Page 

*Brooke Hogan – Tony Hunter

*Tessa Blanchard – WrestleCon

*The Rock N' Roll Express.

*Scott Steiner

*Fred Ottman aka Tugboat, Typhoon, Shock Master 

*Sid Vicious

*Puma King

*Black Taurus

Live Shows Schedule:

All live shows affiliated with WrestleCon 2020 are taking place at the Ritz in Ybor City, 1503 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL, 33605. Ticket sales will begin in November and continue throughout December, with one new show being released each week.

Thursday 4/2 at 4pm - Europe v. The World

Thursday 4/2 at 8pm – The Mark Hitchcock Memorial Wrestlecon Supershow

Thursday 4/2 at 11:59pm – Ybor After Dark - a variety and comedy show (21 and up, 2 drinks included with Ticket!): $36 advance

Friday 4/3 at 11am - Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling with DDT

Friday 4/3 at 3pm - Ethan Page's Body Guy Extravaganza

Friday 4/3 at 7pm - Impact Wrestling

Saturday 4/4 at 11am – The Wrestling Revolver’s Pancakes and Piledrivers 4

Saturday 4/4 at 3pm - Festival de Lucha

Saturday 4/4 at 7pm - Joey Ryan's Penis Party

Convention Schedule:

All convention related events are taking place at George Steinbrenner Field, 1 Steinbrenner Drive, Tampa, FL, 33614. Tickets will go on sale on December 4th, at 2pm EST at

Friday 4/3--9am-4pm: WrestleCon Convention (Walk-Up Admitted at 10am, advance tickets entry at 9am) - $36/day in advance, $40 walk up + Taxes

Saturday 4/4--9am-4pm: WrestleCon Convention (Walk-Up Admitted at 10am, advance tickets entry at 9am) - $36/day in advance, $40 walk up + Taxes

Sunday 4/5--11am-1pm: Buffet Brunch with Talents from WrestleCon (includes admission to Pre-party from 1pm-4pm): $89

Sunday 4/5--1pm-4pm: WrestleMania Pre-Party includes a wrestler/celebrity softball game, live stage entertainment, charity dunk tank, and Food and Beverages for Sale at Concession Stands -$20 online/advance, $30 walk up + taxes


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