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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-25 10:00:00

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I can be wrong here, but I think most casual fans won't see a difference between FOX programming and WWE programming.  They see Punk, they see Seth, they think he is back and they see a story line whether it is there or not.  Now please correct me, but I understand Punk left because he felt he would never be 'The Guy' and that ain't changing.  If Punk versus ANYBODY doesn't happen in the future, do you think there could be a backlash on WWE?  If Punk is totally separate from WWE right now, is this the perfect way to get back them?  Totally dismissing the challenge of a guy like Seth Rollins?  To me this is like Brett Favre or Joe Montana coming on FOX football Sunday morning and taking a large crap on every team in the NFL.  Not a perfect analogy but you get the idea.

Gotta be honest, I don’t understand how you see it.  I don’t see Punk doing what you see him doing.  Right now, he and Seth are having a back and forth.  If it goes somewhere, great.  If not, it’s something being seen by only the most hardcore of the fan base and they know the deal.

So far, AEW has not been using the talents of Kenny Omega to his full potential.  Do you think we will see a Kenny Omega technical masterpiece like we saw regularly when he was in New Japan anytime soon?

Someone asked me the other day what the most disappointing thing about AEW has been to me and what popped right off of my head was how badly they have booked and presented Omega.  I too would like to see the New Japan in-ring version of Omega.  Beyond that, I would like to learn more about the character of Kenny Omega.  They have dropped the ball on both.  Hopefully his promo from last week is the start of him righting the course.  

Can you see AEW surviving long term with their current business model? Once a week and four times a year on PPV doesn't seem like a good long term plan.

Frankly, it isn’t, and while I have not spoken to Tony Khan, I am sure he knows that too.  In 2019, the main revenue driver is TV rights fees.  It was WWE’s number one driver, by a good margin, before the new deals kicked in last month and now it’s the vast majority of where their money comes from.  Live Events are way down there for them, and they draw more at their TV tapings than AEW does.  Even if the buyrates are through the roof, four PPVs will just not bring in that much money to a company that has a number of seven figure talent salaries.  So unless AEW can get a great TV deal, it will need to be kept going by the Khan’s seed money.  Now, make no mistake here.  The Khans have the money to keep AEW going as long as Tony wants to do it, so even if they don’t ever make a dime, if he enjoys promoting it can stay around for a long while.

Jim Cornette rightfully deserves all the criticism in the world for making the comment. How much blame do you assign to the NWA for NOT EDITING THE COMMENT OUT BEFORE airing the program? This could have easily been avoided with a push of a button in the editing room.

That is a very valid point and I agree with you 100%.  Everyone in the NWA management that saw the finished product and didn’t act to edit that out bears responsibility for the controversy.  As Triple H said on his post Takeover conference call, there were spots that were presented for the show that he vetoed.  The promoter needs to be the one to step in when that’s needed and the NWA dropped the ball here.

PWInsider has reported on Cody Rhodes taking out trademarks on old WCW PPV names. It seems he is doing this in his own name and not in the name of AEW. Doesn't this seem like a conflict of interest? Should a VP in a wrestling company be securing trademarks for himself that the company may want to use and now have to license from him? I would think it is different from securing trademarks on himself or his dad. 

Here’s the deal in my view.  If Tony Khan is OK with him doing it (provided he is doing it for himself only), then there is no issue.  And Khan would know by now that he is doing it so I don’t see a problem.

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