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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-24 10:00:00

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Is it just me or has Ring of Honor really gone down the drain this year with so many setbacks, bad headlines with the Kelly Klein controversy, and uninspiring TV presentation especially coming off of Madison Square Garden? What have been the contributing factors to their massive setback in 2019? 

They have definitely had a roller coaster year, peaking at MSG.  Just look at what happened after that however.  They lost the talents that jumped to AEW, major players in the company.  Also, their relationship with New Japan is way on the back burner as well.  That is a lot of talent loss to recover from.  But, since their primary purpose is to provide programming for their parent, Sinclair Broadcasting, they have plenty of time to right the ship.

Do you do you think Tony Khan’s behavior on CM Punk’s thread lead to people watching NXT instead of AEW this week?

If so, probably minimally at best.  I would guess that there are people that start with one show and if they get bored, switch to the other but I think there are a lot of people that watch “their show”.  This week’s NXT was definitely helped by the main roster storylines intertwining.  It will be interesting to see how things shake out when the angle ends….if it ends….this week.

Seriously, does Khan realize how much he got punked out by Randy Orton?  Doesn’t he realize he looks like a baby and that Vince McMahon or Triple H would never act that way?

Probably not.  I know a lot of his fans don’t.  They think he took Orton to school!  It all depends on your perspective I guess.  I am with you, for what it’s worth.  Khan took a shot at WWE about something that wasn’t true, then went off like a child when…..wait for it….Orton made a joke about something he said wasn’t true!  To me, when you are in that situation, you either come up with a better comeback than Orton did or you tip your hat and say “touche”.  What Khan thinks of his actions I can’t say.  I know he has gotten into it on twitter with fans of his soccer team in the past.  But yes, no way I see Vince or HHH doing that.  I don’t think Khan should either as the boss.  Wrestlers fighting on social media?  Fine.  To me, the owner should be above that.

So if CM Punk technically works for Fox and not WWE on Backstage, is it possible he could still show up in AEW? Surely, Fox & WWE were smart enough to put something in his contract to prevent that, right?

Yes, from what I have heard FOX and WWE were smart enough to prevent that.  Clearly the time for AEW to move on Punk was before he signed the deal.  For whatever reason, they chose not to do it.  I think it’s a mistake, especially with the roster being thin after injuries.

So what's with the ref botches on AEW Dynamite?  

If it happens once, fine.  It’s a mistake.  If it happens often, it’s a pattern of incompetence.  It was really bad this week.  Clearly the ref expected to be pulled out of the ring to break the count.  When that didn’t happen, he should have just counted the pin.  Instead, he made the segment look really bad.  It’s a problem that AEW needs to fix immediately.  You could hear the air come out of the crowd when it happened.

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