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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-23 10:03:00

The Smackdown triangle match with the women was awesome.  Who came up with that finish?  I've never seen it before.

We are told Adam Pearce was the Producer for that match.

I just ordered Netflix for the first time but can't find the Hulk Hogan movie that was being made about his life.  Any help?

The film hasn't been made yet.  They are still in pre-producution.  The project was announced but has not started filming.

I must have been watching wrestling for far too long now, as it seems everything seems so predictable, and many times done before. That invasion by NXT on SD…didn't DX do that years ago in Norfolk VA?

Yes, it was meant to invoke that moment where DX invaded WCW.   Since Triple H, Road Dogg and Shawn Michaels are NXT management, the decision was made to tie them in,

what is the deal with all the clusterf**k wrestling? Every time I turn on AEW, and lately on every WWE show, at some point, there will be multiple wrestlers all attacking each other. I don't get it. Is the apocalypse coming?  I would really like to know what you think of this turn of events

Pro wrestling is supposed to be about two people or sides or teams or whatever that don't like each other and fight it out to see who's better.  Villains do evil stuff and cheat.  I have zero issue with attacks or brawling.  I would agree there's been an excess of them lately.

Is it just me or has Ring of Honor really gone down the drain this year with so many setbacks, bad headlines with the Kelly Klein controversy, and uninspiring TV presentation especially coming off of Madison Square Garden with Matt Taven being a FAILURE as the world champion? What have been the contributing factors to their massive setback in 2019? Even Impact are making better strides this year than ROH.

ROH has had a really rough year.  I know they are working on plans to try and pivot back towards where they were and we'll see if that can happened.  They had seven talents leave, which means they had to fill seven voids at once.  AEW grabbed the imagination of a lot of fans.  The creative didn't really spark, even with the new wrestlers who were brought in, many of whom who are great.  They need to overhaul and we are told they are in process of doing so.  We will see if 2020 is kinder to the company.

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