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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-21 17:10:00 has confirmed that Albert Charles Hardie Jr. aka ACH and Jordan Myles, is no longer under contract to World Wrestling Entertainment.  A WWE spokesperson confirmed that Hardie is done with the company but did not specify further information, responding to a request for comment this morning.

Hardie released an expletive-filled video on 11/13 declaring he has quit World Wrestling Entertainment.  Earlier this afternoon, he tweeted out a photo of himself signing a document that appeared to be WWE release paperwork.  He then announced he was returning to the ring as Super ACH this weekend for Heavy Metal Wrestling in Texas, prompting's inquiry to WWE.

Hardie's exit follows his attacks on both WWE and Ring of Honor in recent weeks on social media before he walked back his comments as "unprofessional."     He had had not been at the WWE Performance Center since September.  He last performed for the company at a Melbourne, Florida live event on 9/21, teaming with Keith Lee against the Outliers.   

Hardie began attacking WWE several weeks ago for their decision to release a t-shirt design that he stated was racist in nature.   

In response, WWE issued the following statement: "Albert Hardie Jr. (aka Jordan Myles) approved this t-shirt for sale. As always, we work collaboratively with all of our performers to develop logos and merchandise designs and get their input and approval before proceeding. This was the same process with Albert, and we responded swiftly once he later requested that the logo/t-shirt be redesigned. No t-shirts were sold.”

Hardie responded with a tweet (that has since been pulled), acknowledging he approved the design but did so when he saw it with a grey background.  Once he saw it on a black background, he felt it was inappropriate and rescinded his approval.   Myles also posted a screenshot of an email from a WWE t-shirt designer, Baker Landon, noting that Triple H loved the logo for Myles' on screen character but wanted the letters to be more "teethy."  Hardie, as Myles, had been portraying a smiling babyface on his NXT TV appearances with announcer Mauro Ranallo declaring he had "smiles for miles."

Hardie later claimed Landon (who were are told has only been with WWE a few months), lied to him, writing, "When I originally saw the design I was uncomfortable. Rather than addressing the issue I decided to counter offer with another.  Baker Landon lied to my face! He said HHH wanted this design so my hands were tied. I spoke with @TripleH in person and his impression was I approved."

It should be noted the Jordan Myles t-shirt design was part of a large grouping of dozens of shirt designed churned out at the same time as the confirmation of the NXT on USA Network deal came together quickly, so shirts for pretty much every personality were rushed to market.  That doesn't excuse the nature of the shirt, but it would at least partially explain why there wasn't a longer process to create and release the shirt for sale publicly before being pulled - WWE was rushing to get shirts, some of which were criticized by fans for poor designs, for every talent on sale.  As noted above, WWE has stated none of the Myles shirts were ever sold.

There was a lot of initial sympathy for Hardie until he turned his attacks towards Ring of Honor and Jay Lethal, claiming that ROH would only push one African-American talent, specifically attacking Lethal and calling him an "Uncle Tom."  Given the extreme level of respect and popularity for Lethal within the business, it was a record scratching moment that showed how off the tracks Hardie's rants had started to become.  Hadie later deleted the ROH-centric tweet but refused to apologize to Lethal when fans on social media called him out for him comments.

Hardie posted the following on his Instagram account after a day's worth of attacking WWE and several attacks on ROH:"My tweets yesterday were completely disrespectful and were unprofessional.?  ?I have offend a ton of people and used anger to fuel me. ? ?With that being said.. ? ?I’d like to take this time to state an apologize for not giving a sh** about what others think of me. ?The anger I have inside of me has been built up for years now. Call me what you want, but you’ll never EVER be able to call me fake.? ? I’ve been lied too, used, and often mistreated by others who I viewed as associates.? ?I’ve tipped toe around, kept quiet, even took some Ls when necessary. Emotionally charged up due to the shirt which triggered past emotions. I’m never going to be sorry for being me nor will I take back my words.? ?I’m the damn professional wrestler in the WORLD & universe today.? ?My ribs are touching and I’m tired of waiting. Time to snatch plates from those that have been eating far too long and always gets seconds while guys like myself have to eat crumbs from the floor like an unwanted child.? ?For 4 years .. I gave my all to a promotion only to find out that you could only reach so high just as long as you didn’t surpass certain “people”.. I never begged for anything, I never kissed no ass, nor did rub elbows with the right ppl to get ahead. I HUSTTLED, WORKED HARD. ?I didn’t call Hunter everyday to get booked in New Japan (s/o to NJPW) I earned it.? ?I’ve always wanted to be “The Guy” and of no one will allow me to be in that spot.. I shall blaze my own trail to that spot rather it be by the approval of others or not.? ?Today i shall continue to go the distance. Today I shall Lee moving forward. Today I shall rise up from my past ashes like a Dark Phoenix and promote change in this industry.? ?Remember these words ?I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD! AND NO MAN OR WOMAN WILL STOP ME FROM BEING HONEST.? ?GO THE DISTANCE...? ?#MylesAhead??#ForTheCulture"

Note: Hardie's reference of "Hunter" was regarding Hunter Johnston, ROH's booker, not Triple H.

On 11/3 Hardie wrote, "If wwe doesn’t reach out to me by tomorrow I’ll make sure my voice and my movement will be heard."  He later deleted and reinstated his Twitter account.

Hardie, 31, signed a WWE NXT deal in February 2019 following runs in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.   

Hardie expressed interest in returning to New Japan during a recent Twitter Q&A, where he also admitted dealing with anxiety and depression issues.

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