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By Paul Jordan on 2019-12-05 09:10:00

Ego's Amigos Josh Alexander

On this episode of Ego's Amigos Ethan sits down with his best amigo and tag team partner Josh Alexander. You might remember them as the Monster Mafia or know them now as the North. These two have been up and down the roads together cleaning up Ethan's piss out of the floor and winning tag titles around the world.

Topics Include:

-Sleep Walking

-Dan the Dad

-Davey Vega POS


-Broken Necks




Plus much more!!!

Bar Wrestling 48 A Series of Elimination Events


American Legion Post #241

Baldwin Park, CA

1. Dom Kubrick, Douglas James, Eli Everfly & Lucas Riley vs The Natural Classics, Chris Bey & Cody Vance

2. Brian Cage, Chris Masters, Killer Kross & Royce Isaacs vs The RockNES Monsters, Russ Taylor & Watts

3. Kylie Rae, Miranda Alize, Ruby Raze & Tiana Ringer vs Jervis Cottonbelly, Joey Ryan, Kikutaro & Super Panda

4. Los Luchas, Andy Brown & Ray Rosas vs B-Boy, Matt Sydal, Rocky Romero & Willie Mack

Sabotage Wrestling: After The Smoke Clears 2 Live Cut

Single's Match

Jordan Len-X VS Rocketboy Wilson

Singles Match

Jenna Lynn VS Jazzy J

Triple Threat Match

Baby D VS Rok-C VS Mysterious Q

Sabotage Tag Team Championship Match

Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) (c) vs Slice & Kill (Skylar Slice & Killista Deva)

Single's Match

GPA vs Maria Manic

Single's Match

Alex Gracia vs Ali Bama

Single's Match

Erica Torres vs Gregory Iron

Sabotage World Championship Match

Ricky Starks vs Hyan (c)


WX Wrestling Presents What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Stanly County Fairgrounds, Albemarle, NC

Patrick Scott vs Harlem Bravado

Mason Myles vs Logan Creed

T.J. Boss w/ The Tommy Thomas vs Saieve Al Sabah

PWX iTV Championship Match

Billy Brash vs Cam Carter

Savannah Evans w/ The Tommy Thomas vs Lindsay Snow

Revolt! & Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young vs The All-Stars & J.D. Drake

Steel Cage Match

John Skyler vs Ethan Case

Ring Roast: Terry Funk

Pro Wrestling's most unpredictable, hilarious, wild event is back!

LAUGHTER... Comics and wrestlers alike go wild and uncensored on the Funker, and each other!

TEARS... The sanctity of friendship and life itself.

DANGER... Anything can happen at Ring Roasts... and usually does!

Starring: Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Superstar Billy Graham, New Jack, Kevin Sullivan, Bill Apter, Kevin Von Erich, Mike Graham, King Kong Bundy, J.J. Dillon, Missy Hyatt, Dennis Stamp, Ryan Maher, Sean Morton, Matt Bridgestone.

Being A Horseman: JJ Dillon

Relive what an actual week was like for life as one of the 4 Horsemen back in the day! JJ Dillon will take you on a once in a lifetime tour of how wrestlings most infamous stable.

Missy Hyatt's Pajama Party w/ Lacey Von Erich

It’s all FUN & GAMES when the ladies of pro wrestling join host Missy Hyatt on her bed!!!

It’s an interview show like you’ve NEVER seen! Join Missy, Lacey, and Amy Lee for a night of sleepover games like F, Marry, Kill and Truth or Dare. Prank call wrestlers with the girls and see them talk boys, boobs, implants, booze, and more.

Hop in bed with the girls and give ’em a ball!

ESW Wrestlebash X (11/23/2019)

November 23, 2019

1. Battle Royal for the final spot in the Ilio DiPaolo Cup

2. ESW Tag Team Title - High Seas (Nick Ando & Cloudy) vs Handcrafted (RJ City & Gregory Iron) (c)

3. ESW Interstate Title - Gavin Glass vs Frankie Feathers (c)

4. Beautiful Beaa vs Kate Carney

5. Butcher and The Blade vs Homicide & Eddie Kingston

6. Ilio DiPaolo Memorial Cup - Brandon Thurston vs Bill Collier vs AR Fox vs Atticus Cogar vs Puf vs Winner of the battle royal

7. ESW Heavyweight Title: Daniel Garcia (c) vs Josh Briggs

8. Jerk Cockins interrupts a wrestling legend

9. War Games - Will Calrissian, Chris Cooper, Jonny Puma & Kevin Grace vs Anthony Gaines, Kevin Bennett, Vince Valor & James Sayga

Timeline of the WWE: 1960's Bruno Sammartino

In early 1963, Toots Mondt and Vincent J McMahon

seceded from the governance of the NWA and formed

a company called the WWWF. And shortly thereafter, they

would crown their champion and hang the fortune of their

venture on him. That man will be your guide for a

journey back to 1963 and the formative years of the WWWF

up through 1969.

Bruno Sammartino was

selling out houses all across

the northeast for the period

and he was privvy to all the

inner workings of the

company. Now join him

as he fills you in on all the

power players, power plays,

and the names and events

of the 1960s in WWE! At last

here is this long-awaited

edition of the Timeline series

to place in the first slot on

your Timeline shelf!

An invitation from NY...Buddy Rogers...MSG...

Monsoon...working the schedule...going Broadway...

working NWA cities...Thesz...Jersey Joe...

Altimore, DeNucci, TV...

the Toots/Vince dynamic...more...


Guest Booker: Bill Eadie

The Breakup of Demolition

There was once a time when bookers sat in the audience to gauge the reaction to their decision. They realized that it was the fans that decided whether their ideas were good or not. Today, writers are disconnected from the desires of the paying fans, and their opinions and Internet postings are largely ignored.

Bill Eadie booked at a time when the fans were everything. He learned from the greats that sat up in the "cheap seats" to hear what the true fans were saying. And he shares that old school mentality on this edition of Guest Booker.

We give Bill the task of booking a breakup of one of wrestling's most formidable teams. That team, Demolition, Eadie helped build. And now he'll have to tear it down for his booking exercise.

The Demolition recipe

Booking Georgia and Global

Japan and Gagne

Splitting Demolition

Bill Eadie reminds us that there was little relevance to a heel or babyface designation when someone was as over as Demolition was. And now he'll try and tap into the fans' imagination and have them choose sides... in this Guest Booker!

Wrestling's Most...Contraversial

Pro wrestling is often synonymous with controversy so we asked you to vote on wrestling’s singular most controversial moment. Here are the top 5 as voted by YOU!

Why don’t we give the stars of pro wrestling a shot at saying what they think of each of your entries!

This hilarious new series takes the shoot-style DVD in a whole new direction! All interviews are brand new footage, seen here for the first time on Wrestling’s Most!

Wrestling's Most... Botched

Kayfabe Commentaries presents

Wrestling’s Most…Botched!

Things don’t always go as planned in the ring and on the stick. Wrestling has seen all sorts of crazy BOTCHES and the guys at have been collecting them for history’s sake!

Now, in this edition of wrestling’s first countdown show, YOU have voted from botchamania’s exhaustive compilation to decide the grand daddy of all botches!

Join 12 stars of the ring as they count down your top 5 and let you know how you did in the voting.

It’s the most fun show in the shoot world!

Breaking Kayfabe: Teddy Hart

If ever a reputation preceded someone into the "Breaking Kayfabe" seat, it might be this one. Teddy Annis "Hart," nephew of Breat and the Hart brothers, makes headlines. Sometimes Teddy does it with high-risk wrestling moves. Sometimes Teddy does it with criminal charges. Either way, Teddy knows how to get people talking. And man, can Teddy talk himself.

But how many times has Teddy been forced to drop the machine gun, rapid fire banter and speak from the soul? This is what we sought to achieve on this edition of the show. Teddy's path is seemingly filled with dark roads and dead ends. How much of this had Teddy brought on himself? He can blame ex-wives, girlfriends, and Bret, but Teddy's greatest enemy may be the person staring him in the mirror.

Then again, that may just be one of Teddy's faces. It's part therapy, part interview, all shoot. It's another "Breaking Kayfabe."

Breaking Kayfabe: Francine

Before Francine became a sex symbol for the most violent, depraved organization in wrestling, she was a regular Philly girl. She was working a menial insurance job with wrestling nowhere on her radar. On a whim she grabs the phone and calls a number she sees on TV for the ECW training school. The rest is hardcore history.

The ECW landscape was pretty tough so now you’ll hear how this lady, as tough as her character, managed to navigate that road and come out on the other side. Francine fought through great personal tragedies as well as great disappointment over accusations aimed at her from an ECW talent on a KC show.

Tear-jerker and laugh riot all the same, this edition of Breaking Kayfabe stands as all do–part interview, part therapy…all shoot.

Breaking Kayfabe: Sean Waltman

This new, hard-hitting series sits Kayfabe Commentaries’ Sean Oliver across from the stars of the wrestling business as they strip away all layers of their character. What’s left is the people themselves, in this edition it is Sean Waltman who bares his soul for all of you.

Waltman’s descent into drug addiction, pornography, childhood abuse, and a suicide attempt sets up an exploration of all that has been destroyed, and what can be salvaged. Waltman may be a tragic figure, but as Oliver attempts to achieve in the show, perhaps a tragic figure that can avert a wrestling legacy from being tarnished for good.

Breaking Kayfabe: Kevin Nash

We once again retreat into the personal lives of pro wrestling’s stars and uncover what lies hidden beneath the facade they’ve created with their in ring characters. This time Breaking Kayfabe takes a personal journey into Kevin Nash’s past and present, away from the ring. This is an extremely intimate journey as Kevin allows Sean into the headline-making arrest and the struggles at home, as well as the realities of a life in the ring and on the road.

Explore this complex man and enjoy the journey as Sean takes Kevin all over the map and watch the rare rapport they share as they cover almost everything and anything. Part therapy, part interview…all shoot. It’s the series that reminds us “they’re people.”

Breaking Kayfabe: Jim Cornette

I"’m wrestling crazy.”

That may say it all, from the lips of our most recent guest on the series that seeks to get inside the people of the wrestling business. Jim Cornette joins Sean on Breaking Kayfabe to probe all that contributes to his admitted anger issues. Jim’s most recent hiatus from wrestling has brought him a clarity and happiness he’d not experienced in years…and he agrees to head down the dark path here at the risk of upsetting the applecart by going through the entire Ring of Honor catastrophe from start to finish.

Jim tackles all that went wrong there, and also addresses TNA, his struggle with anger, and the falling out between him and Kayfabe Commentaries after producing the shoot industry’s most celebrated programs together. It’s nearly three hours of Cornette’s dark journey. Are you ready for it?

Timeline of ECW: 1999 RVD

As ECW rounds the corner of the decade that made them, cracks in the facade deepen and the company’s challenges mount. But that’s largely invisible to the bloodthirsty fans than begin packing venues in cities new to ECW. The company seems to be spreading its wings, heading into new markets and acquiring national cable exposure on TNN. Only the insiders know the desperation with which such deals were made.

Rob Van Dam was busy making the TV Title a bigger attraction than any of

ECW’s other belts and popping crowds all over the country with his intense high-flying style.

Join Mr. Monday Night as he takes us back to the end of the decade that turned wrestling around, giving it a new found edge. Head back through wrestling history with another entry in Timeline!


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