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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-18 10:38:00

Major League Wrestling has signed Logan Creed, has confirmed.  Creed worked the MLW TV taping in Orlando last week.  There had been WWE interest in the 34 year old Georgia native.

MLW's production team will soon be unveiling a new FUSION logo and new graphics within the next several weeks.  This is something the promotion has been working on for the last month,

CONTRA Unit's Josef Samael has signed a new deal with the company as well.  Samael has been working behind the scenes as an agent, where he's gotten high marks.  As part of his new deal with the company, he'll have an expanded role behind the scenes with the wrestling operations side. 

Court Bauer is currently in Los Angeles for meetings on TV and licensing expansion.  As we have noted, the company is looking to expand beyond BeIN Sports in 2020.

George Carroll Jr. is currently in Japan for meetings as well.  The promotion has been very happy with Carroll's work.

MLW may be adding some additional staff behind the scenes in the weeks to come.

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