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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-20 09:59:00

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After Brock's match at Crown Jewel, Rey attacked him with a chair, and one of the chair shots he gave Brock was to the head. The announcers didn't call it, and there was really no emphasis on it like it was a big deal. Rey wasn't reprimanded, so I'm guessing that the spot was approved. My question is why would they script something they've banned for over a decade and not even mention or emphasize it when it happened?

From what I have heard, the spot was not written in.  It happened in the heat of the moment.  It wasn’t planned.  If that is the case, WWE just ignores it.  It would make no sense to draw attention to a mistake.

The other day Mike Johnson said he could see Hogan and the NWO going into the HOF.  Did me mean just Hogan, Hall, and Nash, or every version?  I don’t think Buff Bagwell is HOF material.

LOL, I don’t either.  I am confident Mike meant the big three of the NWO.

If and when a wrestler asks for their release because they are not getting used much, getting a push, etc etc, does someone in the WWE try to talk them out of it and try to convince them to stay to the end of the contract with a promise of a push or a better days are coming kind of talk?  Or do they look at who is asking and if they don't have anything really planned for them down the road (assuming it is obviously not a BIG name or talent doing the asking), generally go ahead and release them, remind them about their 90-day no complete and cut their losses, so to speak?  

It depends on how it’s done.  If a talent goes to management and says that they want to be released, there will be a conversation, for sure.  If they do it on social media, that is a big mistake and the company tends to ignore the request, as they should frankly.  That is not the proper way to do business.

I have a question regarding AEW matches. Don’t you think that over time the matches will be boring and repetitive? For example, almost every single match on dynamite or the pay-per-views, one of the wrestlers must do a suicide dive or a moonsault. I think other times the moves will be very repetitive as someone must tell the talent not everyone must do the same move and every match. At the moment I am really enjoying the product but it’s starting to get a bit repetitive. Your thoughts!

I think that for the kind of fans that love to watch wrestling to see the moves and nothing more, they will be fine.  I think the fans that watch to see issues lead to matches that then tell a story, you are probably right.  They will get bored if AEW doesn’t adapt and do more storytelling.  As weird as it sounds, there is more to wrestling than just wrestling!

Why has the WWE done away with on-air authority figures nowadays?

Because they had overdone them for years and they realize they had gotten old and tired.

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